Time machine in the film

What is the time machine? Generally, it is a device with which you can travel through time. In the world of many novels, in which talking about the journey through time with the help of various devices. But in the film this theme is not often found.

Below is a small selection of the most famous movies which touched on the subject of time travel.

1.»Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation»

Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation

The device, which was created Shurik, successfully sends back the disturbed landlord Bonsu with a charming rogue Miloslavskis, but now gets Ivan the terrible. The story everyone remembers, why even to tell? The time machine is quite large and difficult to manage the device, besides not too strong (Shurik manages to fix it and return all in due time).

2. Back to the future

Back to the future

The car is incredibly beautiful. First, it runs on plutonium, which can generate 1,20 GW of power for the machine, with the name «flux capacitor». In the following parts of the machine will include beam splitter matter. Just need to reach a certain speed, which was 88 miles per hour. Quite easy to manage.

3. «Guest from the future»

Guest from the future

A few buttons, and tablets with inscriptions. Buttons 10, 7 of them white, and 3 red. The indicators are written in the phrase «the last station», «Starting station» and «Transfer complete». The machine is so easy to use that she could use even normal.

4. «Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban»

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

The time machine this movie is a magical device. In order to travel in time you need to turn the handwheel in the desired direction for the required number of hours. Such a device is for use only by wizards.

5. «Timecop»

Patrol hour

Another device to travel through time, which need the speed. The principle of work in film is never explained.

6. «The time machine»

Machine hour

These two units are similar in structure, although taken from different films based on the novel written by Herbert wells. The principle of operation is not defined, but judging by the huge number of mechanical parts, it is very difficult to manage.

7. «Doctor Who»

Doctor Who

The time machine in this series is a huge spaceship which is disguised as an ordinary booth to make calls. Inside the device much bigger than it looks from the outside.

8. «The terminator»


The main disadvantage of this device is that travel through time can only organic or biological objects.

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