Three disturbing phone call in the child’s behavior

Parenting is a delicate matter and requires certain skills and knowledge, usually developed from parents as they grow older children. However, there are such tendencies among children, which may speak not so much about the lack or low quality of education, how much on a deep mental disorders that over time can develop into criminal tendencies. The task of any parent in the upbringing of their child – to notice such pathology in the behavior and immediately begin to correct them or seek help from a qualified specialist who will be able to understand the reasons of deviations and to choose the most effective method of correction.

The child grows a bully

Disturbing calls

There are three factors in the child’s behavior that parents should pay special attention to education. These three factors should be considered in more detail.

  1. First call: Enuresis. Simply-it is involuntary urination. Children’s bedwetting is quite common, and its origins are different from infectious diseases is the lack of attention from parents. However, in some cases, bedwetting is a symptom of a serious problem emotionally the child. In itself, urinary incontinence can be a source of psychological trauma (e.g., humiliation), which is aggravated by neglect or inadequate reaction on the part of parents. The memory and resentment of this injury may eventually lead the child to a passionate desire to avenge the insults received.
  2. Second call: a penchant for arson. Pyromania – that is, the desire to light something on fire and watch the burning process is one of the most affordable baby ways to vent anger, frustration or attempts to attract the attention of parents. An overwhelming desire to smoke things may also talk about the deep psychological trauma of the child – for example, the humiliation.
  3. Call three: cruelty to animals. Apparently, zoosadism one of the most widely studied by scientists and psychiatrists of the factors from the specified list. Very often cruelty to animals is way out of backlog in the child of despair, anger and resentment, and a consequence of child abuse to the child by older children or parents. As not having sufficient power to get revenge on those who insulted or humiliated, the children are focusing their attention on the innocent and defenseless, unable to fend for themselves animals. It should be remembered that very often after inadequate satisfaction of his thirst for revenge on the animals, the child can move on to the other children.

Neslihan dytyna

The MacDonald Triad

All of the above three «call» and constitute a so-called MacDonald triad, formulated in 1963, in the article «Threat of murder» by psychiatrist John MacDonald. He first tied the three deviations with the formation in childhood and adolescence the identity of criminals and serial killers, after a study of 100 people with similar disabilities. Only two out of the hundreds brought their threats, but others had significant mental disabilities and a certain degree of inclination to sadism. Moreover, many criminals and serial killers in childhood suffered one or more of the listed disabilities.

A difficult child

What to do if your child has seen one or all three factors of the triad?

Such childish behavior is often the result of the fact that the child is not able to properly cope with stress. Currently, the MacDonald triad is accepted as a very strong symptom of the stress inflicted on a child, and with which he cannot cope on their own.

Of course, not all children who have previously had a similar tendency, become serial killers, but in the absence of skilled care from a specialist, will clearly show a tendency to such behavior after growing up.

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