Thinnest laptop

Leading manufacturers of computers and laptops today offer a compact and practical device that can be used as business tools and to work at home. The desire of people to buy thin laptops due to the love for slim devices and the unwillingness to carry bulky items. Besides the slim laptop fits easily in the bag and has high qualities in performance. We offer to your attention five of these laptops, which are ideally suited for students and people who work need to make frequent moves.

1 ASUSZenBook UX305

ASUSZenBook UX305 laptop

The Korean company ASUS at the beginning of this year has delighted the fans of compact size and low weight the new ultra-portable laptop that can truly wear the title of «thinnest notebook». The thickness of this laptop is 12.3 mm while the device weighs 1.2 kg. the case Design is made in two colors – black (with roughness) and white (glossy).

The display leader among the thinnest laptops is equal to 13.3 inch. Also the display has anti-glare and high resolution (3200h1800rh), which allows to obtain images in bright and realistic colors. Made the laptop dual-core processor IntelCoreM, which was created specifically for devices that have a small thickness and lightness. Because instead of the usual fan provides active cooling, the CPU will run fairly quiet.

The manufacturer claims that operate without recharging the laptop will be able in ten hours. The device is equipped with memory up to 8 GB, but the processor can successfully support up to 16 GB of RAM. In addition to the small thickness of the device it is characterized by an ergonomic keyboard that is designed in such a way that the user can comfortably engage in the printing of texts in any lighting. Wishing to purchase this model will have to pay not less than a thousand euros.

2 HP EliteBook Folio10200 Special Edition

Laptop HP EliteBook Folio10200 special edition

New from Hewlett-Packard that has a 12.5-inch display, has a thickness of 15.7 mm and a weight of 1 kg. Excellent color rendition provided by high resolution (2560×1440 px) and QHD screen. Built this the thinnest laptop on the same processor as the previous model from ASUS – IntelCoreM. For this processor it does not require active cooling, and it has quite a low level of electricity consumption. The amount of RAM in this notebook – 8 GB. Time battery life is nine hours. The approximate cost of the laptop is $ 1800.

3 Samsung ATIV Book9 Style

Notebook Samsung ATIV Book9 Style

South Korean company Samsung has introduced a thin laptop, whose thickness is equal to 17.5 mm and weighs 1.95 kg display size is 15.6 inches and screen resolution is still 1920×1080 px. In this product uses a processor from Intel that doesn’t require active cooling and allows the device to operate almost silently. The device will appeal to lovers of refinement and luxury because it is made in leather (faux leather) black and white colors. The manufacturer claims that the device can operate without recharging for up to twelve hours. The approximate cost of the laptop is equal to $ 1,300.

4 Panasonik Let sNote RZ4

Laptop Panasonik Let sNote RZ4

This thin laptop is also made on the basis of dual-core processor, allowing you to consume much less electricity and provide work in silent mode. Its thickness is 19.5 mm and the device weighs only 745 grams. Diagonal touch screen of the device is 10.1 inches. Feature of notebook is the ability to transform it into a tablet due to the fact that the device has a large opening angle. The manufacturer guarantees the continuous operation for 10 hours. To purchase this laptop in about 1460 us dollars.

5 ASUSPro BU201

Laptop ASUSPro BU201

This laptop which appeared on the market in the beginning of the year, is a special device for business use. The screen is made in matte, has a size of 12.5 inches with a thickness of 20.1 mm and a weight of 1.27 kg to Open the laptop, which has a of RAM 12 GB, maybe up to 180 degrees, which is ensured by a special hinge. The device is made with sufficiently reliable protection against damage of a mechanical nature. To purchase this model is around $ 780.

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