The youngest thief in law

The concept of «thief in law» is characteristic only for the countries of the former Soviet Union. Such people occupy a higher position in criminal hierarchy and to obtain such status, you need to have the recommendations of authoritative representatives of the criminal world. Basically, this position is occupied by older people with substantial criminal records. But there are among them very young people, which received the status of the youngest thief in law for some special merits before the representatives of thieves ‘ community.

Pavel Zakharov

This man is one of the most respected and well-known in the underworld kingpin. A native Muscovite, graduated 5 classes of high school, born in 1939. Holder thieves obshchak and drug Lord, who was not equal in the 90s. Due to its credibility in the thieves ‘ society is among the five most influential «thieves in law».

Pavlo Zakharov

The beginning of the criminal biography

His thieving career he began with the fact that dragged grandma’s savings. Since school Pasha cut school after the 5th grade stopped it a hopeless task. The early criminal biographies Paul began pickpocketing, in which he has succeeded, carrying wallets in trams from unsuspecting citizens.

The youngest thief in law

On one of these thefts, and it caught the passenger by the arm, and he immediately went to the local office. The term, which he received for this offense, he is still not served, and a year later were released due to Amnesty.

Because at the time of serving the first punishment Zakharov completely denied his guilt and was constantly in conflict with the prison authorities, he was immediately noticed by criminal authorities. At the age of 19 years old he was crowned as the youngest thief in law in the entire history of the 20th century. At the freedom the Pasha of Ciruli out already in a new status. By the way, is a nickname he received for what was cut in prison the most respected thieves.

Freedom Zakharov walked a short time, and a year later was back in prison on theft charges. This time he received 3 years of General regime colony. It was during this period of his life, there is the first craving for drugs, which many of his friends did not know. Drug use in the underworld environment of that time were not welcome.

Kingpin Zakharov

Gang Pasha Cyrus

Once free in the late 70s, he instantly organizes your group, which engaged in speculation Vneshposyltorg cheques and petty fraud in specialised stores «birch».

Following his time with the young thief in the law receives under three articles (drugs, theft, fraud) and sent to places of confinement in company with two Georgian authorities.

In the early ‘ 90s Zakharov appointed to a very well-respected in the criminal environment as Keeper of the common Fund. During this period, he helps in the development of many criminal groups in Moscow region and became a major authority in this world.

The Pasha Of Ciruli

Another reputable thief-in-law Bob Point, Zakharov was accused of embezzlement and misuse of Fund. The fact is that the Pasha of the thieves Zirul invested money in a commercial enterprise that among thieves was considered unacceptable. But the authority Zakharova was already so great that Bob just accidentally fell from the balcony of the seventh floor, and on the history of the charges is over.

Drug Lord 90

In the late 20th century, Zakharov was one of the first crime bosses in the former Soviet Union became engaged in wholesale deliveries of drugs and has established very strong ties with the Colombian cartel. When he began shooting all the known thieves, Zakharov remains alive only because of the arrest. After serving another term for drug trafficking, Pasha actively supports occurring at the time throughout, fraudulent pyramid and good thieves common Fund replenishes at the expense of unsuspecting citizens.


With the advent of big money comes the desire for luxurious life. Posh mansion, expensive cars – such a departure from the traditions of the Pasha of the thieves is not easy. Another arrest, and He dies in a prison cell, supposedly from heart failure, but there was talk of involvement in his death, another criminal authority – jap.

The youngest thief in law died in 1997, 23 Jan.

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