The youngest grandmother in the world

When we say «grandmother», then surely many imagine an old lady in a headscarf, which skillfully making pancakes for Breakfast and diligently engaged in the education of grandchildren. However, grandparents may have grandchildren, but they look like young girls and dealing with his personal issues. And all because in the role of grandmothers they had to go in quite young or even young age. The title «the youngest grandmother in the world» was awarded Refke Stanescu that was entered on the pages of the Record Books.

First, a young mother and then a young grandma!

Rifca Stanescu is the younger grandmother

Rifca Stanescu (ethnic Gypsy) ran away from his parents at 11 years of age. And she decided to do this because in the Gypsy environment taken from childhood to pick up the groom to the bride. Now, with two years of age at Rifki was the real bride. However, at the age of 11 years she fell in love with future husband Ionel and decided to run away to him. While the groom Rifki was 13 years old. But he already had a profession – was a salesman of jewelry, so it could support a family. Giving beloved his innocence, Rifka could not be given in marriage, with whom she was engaged at the age of two. So her parents gave in and gave her in marriage to his beloved. However, in the beginning the father Rifki very conflicted Ionel and even attacked him with a knife. But after the family Rifki and Ionel had the first child, the young man was able to pay the father the dowry and life returned to normal. As a result of joint life of the young couple at 12 years of age Rifca became a mother – they had a daughter, which they name Mary. After another year of Rifka gave birth to son Nicholas.

Family Rifki Stanescu lives in a Roma community

When the daughter Rifki Maria grew up and she turned 11, she too bore a son. The daughter went in her mother’s footsteps, and Rifka resulted in 23-year-old became a grandmother. Maria did not even have time to finish school. Because of this, the youngest grandmother was very upset – she said that for her daughter she would have wished a better fate. However, to be a young grandmother, it does not bother, on the contrary, it helps to educate his grandson and is happy.

Now the whole family Rifki living in one Roma community. Among the Roma early marriages are the rule. It’s so Roma brought up, and they have long since developed such traditions. And grandson Rifki now also a bride – they were betrothed when he was two years. And if at an early age, get married and just before the head of the child, the greater the likelihood that Rifka will also become the youngest great-grandmother.

Who became the youngest grandmother in history?

Mum-zi from Nigeria became a grandmother at age 17

But Rifka is not the youngest grandmother in the entire history of mankind. And this can be considered Mum-zi from Nigeria, which was to hold my own grandchild in the age of 17. At the age of eight the girl daughter, and that, in turn, also went in her mother’s footsteps and she became a mother at the age of eight. And it is absolutely not surprising, because when the same age Mum-zi was released from school, and she has helped to babysit my grandson.

Grandmother: young and beautiful

The competition among young grandmothers of Brazil

Women who become grandmothers before, is, of course, incredibly beautiful and sexy woman. Maybe that’s why Brazil is so popular a beauty contest among grandmothers. To participate in the women whose age is from forty years. The main rule of the contest is the presence of at least one grandchild. Just look, it’s the most beautiful grandmother on the planet, a photo which clearly shows how they love to take care of themselves and how good they look. I can’t believe this grandmother.

The most beautiful grandmother in the world - the Ukrainian Lyudmila Akimova

In 2014, most beautiful grandmother in the world with the participation in the competition of international level was the Ukrainian Lyudmila Akimova, which in its fifty years looks just fine. However, she never did plastic surgery. The Bulgaria competition for the title «the most beautiful grandmother» fought 25 candidates. These contestants who can really be proud of your body and face.

A beauty contest among grandmothers in Bulgaria

And it does not matter that they are already grandmothers, because at heart they, probably, always only 18 years old.

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