The youngest General in Russia

The rank of General in the Russian army appeared in the XVII century. Since then, every soldier dreams about assigning such a high rank officers. But on the way to it lies before the military long service time, during which you need to show their best side. Only some soldiers managed at a relatively young age to achieve success in a military career and to be worthy of military ranks of higher rank. The youngest General in Russia, is now in the service, received the title in 33 years. But history knows cases, when soldiers became generals much earlier.

The youngest General in Russia

Ramzan Kadyrov – the young Russian General of modernity

Military career of the current head of the Chechen Republic has been developing very rapidly, and this has attracted enormous interest. Immediately after leaving school at the age of sixteen, Ramzan Kadyrov, joined the army to Chechnya, which at that time fought with the Federal government, defending its independence. After 1996, when it ended the first military company, a young soldier, he headed the security Committee of his father, the President of the Czech Republic.

A crucial period for Ramzan Kadyrov, as for the whole of the Chechen Republic, began in 1999. Between Akhmad Kadyrov and other supporters of an independent Chechnya had serious disagreements. In the end of Ramzan with her father began to defend the position of Pro-Russian forces. At that time, he also has proven itself as a policy. He managed to convince the separatists to switch sides and defend the interests of the Republic, a member of the Russian Federation. Due to this the Ramzan promptly managed to get rid of gangs rampaging in the Chechen Republic.

Ramzan Kadirov

The rapid development of the political career of Ramzan Kadyrov began in 2004. After the death of the father of the current leader of the Czech Republic has held the post of first Deputy Prime Minister, and a year later headed the government of the Republic. In 2006, Ramzan, do not agree with the situation of the Czech Republic, spoke out against then President Alu Alkhanov. After years of conflict, the young politician becomes the head of the Chechen Republic. He immediately issued several decrees aimed at stabilizing the situation and restoring the economy. He managed as soon as possible to reduce the number of attacks, which often happened in the Republic. During the years of his reign, in the Czech Republic reigned long-awaited peace.

For all the merits of Ramzan Kadyrov was promoted to the rank of major General. High officer rank, the head of the Chechen Republic received in 2009, when he was 33 years old.

Natalia Poklonskaya

To the rank of major-General in thirty-five years of age managed Natalya Poklonskaya who now holds the position of Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. A high rank was assigned to him in 2015 for his enormous contribution to the stabilization of the situation in the Republic of Crimea. Due to this Poklonskaya became the youngest woman in Russia, which has such a high rank.

Natalie had to lead the Prosecutor’s office in turbulent times, was highly appreciated by the governments of Russia and Republic of Crimea. The position was previously offered to several men who decided not to take her.

Natalia Poklonskaya

Natalia Polonskaya started to build a career in the Prosecutor’s office, immediately after completion of the Kharkov University of internal Affairs. She has held several positions in the Prosecutor’s offices of the city and state values. In 2002 she managed to become an assistant Prosecutor, and after 12 years she led the system of bodies of supervision over the observance of laws in the Republic of Crimea. Being the chief Prosecutor, the woman managed to restore order on the Peninsula, despite the threat of banditry.

Natalia Poklonskaya in 2016 was dismissed because she was able to become a Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation.

The angle in the story

The youngest General in the history of Russia was Prince Konstantin Nikolaevich. He is considered one of the most striking personalities of the Romanov dynasty. At the age of five Constantine began to learn seamanship, which was initiated by his father Emperor Nicholas I. In 17 years, the Grand Duke had command of the brig «Wales». When a young native of the Imperial family was 19, he was made captain of the first rank and was appointed commander of the frigate «Pallada».

Knyaz Kostyantin Mikolayovich

Eventful for Konstantin Nikolaevich was 1848. The Grand Duke entered the Retinue of His Imperial Majesty, married and attained the rank of rear Admiral. At 21 he was already the leader of the Sea cadet corps.

It was believed that high army rank went to Constantine for his Royal blood. But the Grand Duke a year later managed to prove that the title was assigned to him for real valour for participation in the fighting in 1949, called the Hungarian campaign, he was awarded the order of St. George.

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