The youngest criminal in the world

When the dock is an adult, it is no surprise. But how to understand why small children are cruel killers, and that pushes the child to the crimes that horrify even hardened criminals. The lack of parental love, a sense of self-preservation or is it a serious mental illness? The young offender and sometimes he could not determine the cause of their inappropriate behavior.

The young offender

Amardip Garden, India

Juvenile killer from the Indian state of Bihar, to eight years killed three kids that were great in the yard. His victims were cousins, sister, and child that lives in the neighborhood. The reason for such behavior of the child could not figure out, Amardip with special cruelty killed with their peers, scoring them to death with sticks and stones. Apparently, he himself could not understand the reason for his aggression, since after the arrest he was all smiles and asked the police biscuits.

Amardip Garden

Mary Bell, UK

This little girl became known to the world after the age of 11, strangled two boys 3 and 4 years. Maria grew up in a dysfunctional family, and her parents had nothing to do with the education of their children. Father never worked and in order not to lose the benefit, which received the mother all the time was posing as the uncle to Mary. The girl’s mother had serious mental disorders and shortly before the birth of the girls tried to poison pills. Later, the same thing she wanted to do with Mary.

Mary Bell

The girl learned the art of survival in a brutal society where she had no one to protect and caress. Although relatives tried to somehow participate in the fate of the girls, she didn’t buzz in their fictional world, none of them, and all the gifts received from her aunts, she was just torn to pieces. If at that point, the parents were more attentive to their child, they would have noticed serious rigidity and aggression, which showed a little of Mary before all others. Her statement at the trial that she was actually experiencing pleasure from committing murder, shocked even worldly-wise judges.

Teenage delinquent Mary bell

The sentencing of the juvenile criminal has affected psychiatric examination, which revealed the girl has multiple deviations and in 1980 Mary was released. They say she even gave birth to a child. What fate awaited the girls born of such a mother can only guess.

Mary bell after the dismissal

Eric Smith, USA

Thirteen-year-old teenager from the United States from early childhood had experienced bullying and ridicule from peers glasses with thick lenses, and a funny protruding ears and red hair. And when you consider that doctors have diagnosed with a mental disorder outbreaks of unjustified violence, it helps to understand why he has turned into a brutal killer.

Eric Smit childhood

In 1993, he committed a brutal murder of a little 4-year-old boy in a local Park. According to psychologists who examined the young thief on a defenceless child, he took out all his anger and resentment at the world. He could not punish the offenders, because they do not have sufficient physical strength, so all the aggression resulted in the who was much younger and weaker.

The court sentenced the juvenile offender to the maximum output provided for juveniles — 9 years to life imprisonment. Later Eric repeatedly wrote the petition and even apologized to the family of the murdered baby, but the court decided to leave the sentence unchanged and the killer is still in an American prison.

Eric Smith

It is noteworthy that during the year before committing this terrible crime, a young offender was strangled with garden hose the neighbor’s cat. Such aggressive behavior towards animals psychologists call the first bell of future crimes. Perhaps if this fact was given yet a corresponding assessment, a neighbor kid was still alive.

John Venables and Robert Thompson, UK

The crime committed by these 10-year-olds in 1993, has shocked the whole Kingdom. Juvenile killers took the two boys into the woods and started a «game penalty.» The game quickly turned into reality, and, it seems, teenagers are not aware of the seriousness of the consequences of the crime.

Young criminalsSince the victim was waiting for his mother near the entrance to the supermarket, where were the cameras, the criminals managed to find very quickly. No one could not think that two teenagers, volokuschy abutting the kid is not his older brothers, and brutal killer. After bullying a boy, they put the body on the rails, in the hope that a passing train to destroy all traces of the crime.

John Venables and Robert Thompson

The boys were from dysfunctional families, and violence was not something unusual. The court issued the maximum for their age, a sentence of 10 years, but later the sentence was commuted, and in 2000 they were released.

Graham Frederick Young United Kingdom

Since childhood the young offender was fond of chemistry, and in particular the influence of poisons on the human body. And his attraction to stories about pathological crimes and bloody maniacs sealed his fate. It should be noted that an ideal for Graham was Adolf Hitler.

The first experiments on the production of poisons he started at the age of 14, and his first victims were his closest relatives and friends. Thanks to its agility and cunning, it is almost no problem get components for their poisons.

First, nobody guessed that the cause of the strange illness of his father, mother and younger sister lies very close. Later, he also poisoned his stepmother, though the crime could not be proven.

Graham Frederick Young

After the arrest of a juvenile poisoner went for treatment in a psychiatric hospital, where he spent slightly more than half of term appointed to him by the court. The doctors who signed the statement about his full recovery, did not even know that released into the wild terrible monster. Having a job, Graham continued killing – now he mixed poison in the tea to my colleagues. Again, once in jail, a terrible poisoner died in 1990.

Unfortunately, the list of children, which became famous for their horrible crimes is far from complete and annually updated with new and new names, but the responsibility for such behavior of children rests primarily on adults.

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