The youngest billionaire in the world

Among the rich men of our time, many young men and women who occupy high positions in reputable publications. But not everyone is the youngest billionaire in the world made his fortune through the mind and business acumen. Some of them are destined to be rich and famous.

Albert II

The youngest billionaire in history is considered to be Prince albert II. He was in the Forbes list at the age of eight years, but has entered the inheritance rights of only 18. He is the Prince of the Principality of Monaco. Albert was born March 14, 1958. The future billionaire was a very gifted child. Secondary education the Prince received, after graduating with honors from the school of Milan High School. After a year, during which he studied the duties of the Prince, under the name of albert Grimaldi, he enrolled in Amherst College in Massachusetts. He leaves from there with a bachelor’s in political science.

the youngest billionaire in the world

But not only in teaching the young Prince grew up. His true passion was sports. He tried different types. He at different times was engaged in football, swimming and even judo. Participating five times at the winter Olympic games in the team bobsled, he gained wide popularity. Conquered, and his modesty, the Prince completely abandoned his privileged position together with other athletes lived in a simple Olympic village. Attracted him and speed. In 1985, he was one of the contenders for victory in rally «Dakar», but dropped out due to technical faults of the car.

Passed the Prince and his military service. As a Lieutenant he sailed on a French military ship «Jeanne d’arc». Albert II, along with representatives of other Royal dynasties, cooperates with the UN, which deservedly won respect for his position and is actively involved in charity work. He in 2006 founded the Foundation Prince albert. The Fund focuses on the protection of the environment, namely, of the seas.

Prince albert in military service

In Monaco he is the Chairman of the red cross and honorary President of the Youth economic chamber. In 2005, the Royal Council of Monaco put on Prince’s acting Regent in connection with the illness of his father, but did not last long. And within eight months he was crowned.

The personal life of the monarch

Only in the personal life of the youngest billionaire in the world could not choose a life partner. Remaining a bachelor until fifty years old, he got the title of this smoothie. Tabloids excitedly talked about his many short novels. Among the favorites were modest and Gwyneth Paltrow, and the dream of millions of men Sharon stone, the fashion model Naomi Campbell. Even after the official engagement with Angie Eckert, which did not last long, the Prince without regret ripped it out and ran to athlete Alicia Warwick.

The Prince Of Monaco

But everything changed when there was his fateful meeting with Charlene Lynette Wittstock. She came to participate in the swimming contest, held in Monaco, where he met with the Prince. This woman brought him to the altar. Although the wedding and was on the verge of collapse. And all because there were rumors about the birth of an illegitimate child. The girl wanted to leave the country and fly home to South Africa, but she was caught at the airport and took his passport to prevent another escape. Although the ruling Prince already had two illegitimate children, officially recognized, but by law they could not claim the throne.

The wedding of Prince albert

The wedding was Royal in every sense of the word. The groom wore white uniforms carabinieri, and Charlene was in a luxurious dress from Armani, which the Italian designer has created specially for this occasion. Parents albert and Charlene are steel 2014. Now they have two adorable twins: Gabriella-Marie thérèse and Jacques honoré Rainier.

Prince albert with the family

Dustin Moskovitz

The youngest billionaire in the world, who earned their own status is Dustin moskovitz. He was born in America in an ordinary Jewish family in 1984. Studied at Vanguard High School. Knowledge and huge passion for the economy helped him get into Harvard. There he met mark Tsukerbergom, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverina. Together they came up with Facebook.

Dustin Moskovitz

In 2004, Dustin takes a sabbatical and went to Palo Alto, where he makes headquarters company Facebook. Four years later, he leaves a successful company and opens his, which he calls «Asana». For the development of his company, he forever throws Harvard.

Though Moskowitz and one of the three most eligible bachelors, he’s still single. But Dustin is very durable and long-lasting relationships with Cary Tong. She’s a reporter of the magazine «Wall Street Journal». He admits Moskowitz, the richness of its burden. It grew in a very rich family. And now he helps others, gifted people to get an education.

Billionaire Dustin Moskovitz

Despite his billions, he leads a modest life. A lot of the money goes to charity. In 2011, Dustin founded his charitable Foundation, Good Ventures. In recent years it has become popular due to two events. Moscovitz has donated 70 thousand dollars in support of the law, which allows us to grow, carry and consume marijuana for their own use. Dustin also supported the idea of bill gates and Warren Buffett. It lies in the fact that very rich businessmen donated half of his fortune to charity. What other surprises will make this modest guy?

One of the founders of Facebook Dustin moskovitz

Sisters in a billion

The youngest billionaire in the world and is among the fair sex. Alexander and Catherine Andersen from Norway became fabulously wealthy after his father’s 42% controlling stake in the company Ferd.

Oleksandr Andersen

Despite the enormous wealth owned by the sisters (more than 1.2 billion dollars) they do not lead an idle life. Alexandra is very passionate about riding, and already has awards for competitions in dressage, she is a three-time Norwegian champion among juniors. Parents millionaires learn the daughters modest lifestyle and saving, so now Johan Andersen absolutely quiet for their billions.

Andersen Billionaire Alexander

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