The young mother in Russia

According to statistics, every 10th baby is born in our country, is the child mother aged under fifteen years. There is no denying the fact that the number of young mothers is increasing. And this problem is typical not only for Russia – in different countries of the world also observed this trend. Meanwhile, the optimal age for motherhood is the period from 20 to 35 years. But, apparently, the instinct of motherhood, is already apparent in childhood, when a girl plays with dolls. So girls start to give birth at quite a young age. Who is the youngest mother in Russia and globally?

The optimal age for motherhood is the period from 20 to 35 years old

Mother at the age of 11 Valya Isaeva

The story of this girl was very noisy, in 2004 about her and the young man told the entire country. Muscovite, Valya became a mother at 11 years of age she gave birth to her daughter Amina. The father was a native of Tajikistan, which was called Vlad. 17-year-old boy (Habib Pataponov) filmed at grandma’s a little girl’s room. Grandma even had no idea as a young man and his young granddaughter agreed and ended up in the same bed. To the last she did not know that Val will become a mother soon.

Valya Isaeva with my daughter

However, the relationship between the valley and Habib was very warm – they were what is called «soul to soul» and even going to formalize the marriage. When their relationship came to an intimate moment, Valia, most likely, did not know that she can have kids. But it happened that put my grandmother, and the entire community in shock.

For young Romeo, even brought a criminal case for corruption of minors. They gave him three years, however, conditional. But the girl never wanted to break up with a guy and they continued to live together. Moreover, Valea did not want anyone to give my daughter. So the guardian was the grandmother Wali.

During pregnancy the girl didn’t want to go to the hospital for monitoring. However, to make pregnancy and a healthy baby, it was just necessary. The girl was persuaded to go to the hospital, and when it came time to give birth, she underwent a caesarean section to reduce the risks during childbirth. Contractions Wali was premature – began early for 3 weeks. But everything went well – Amin was born weighing 2900 grams. and growth 50 see But then, according to the doctors, the girl with a newborn baby from the hospital fled.

Valentina Isaeva gave birth to a daughter in 11 years

So, at the age of 11 years old Valya raised her daughter and received schooling. Reaching 14 years of age, she received a passport, but tried to hide it from small Amines, which were trying to get everywhere and could ruin the document. Despite the fact that Val and Habib continued to live as one family, not all of them well. Later there is even talk about the fact that Tajik is often raises the young mother’s hand. In the result the media began to dazzle headers that showed the hard life of a young mother. But as everything was really hard to say. Many said that the «man» Wali does not work and lives on a pension grandmother Wali and child benefit. Someone claimed that «black PR» the family gets a good income and lives. But what is true and what is false is impossible to judge. It in the Moscow apartment, where such a popular couple. But if you are going to become parents to visit the portal for parents «who’s the mother» magazine on children

Who became a mother at even a younger age?

Lina Medina is the youngest mother in the world

It seems to be a mom in 11 years, as happened Valya Isaeva – very early. But there is still the youngest mom in the world, which have become so even more children. One of them was born in Peru, Lina Medina. The girl gave birth to a son when she was only a little more than 5.5 years. Parents, worried that the girl increasing belly, took her to the doctor. How much they were surprised when the doctor diagnosed pregnancy. To confirm this fact, the doctor even luck Lina in the capital of Peru to have her examined by other professionals. Since young mothers are still quite undeveloped pelvis, during childbirth the girl had a caesarean or the baby is not passed through the birth canal. Lina gave birth to a baby weighing 2700 grams. That Lina was his mother, the boy who was raised as Lina’s brother, found out at the age of nine. He lived for that child to forty years and then died of bone marrow cancer.

All over the world more and more mothers, aged less than 15 years

Lina Medina never told about how she got pregnant at such an early age. Much later, she married and gave birth to a second son. From an interview she always refused, so it is still unknown who was the father of her first child.

Another young mother was the girl from the town of Lisa, who at the time of delivery was 6 years old. It was in 1934. It is known that Lisa was a victim of violence – the baby she gave birth from his own grandfather. The baby was born growth of 50 centimeters and a weight of 3000 grams. The girl even gave birth to him the doctors decided to resort to caesarean section is not necessary.

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