The worst woman in the world

Before you call the worst woman in the world, we must first decide what actually people mean by the word «terrible». Logically this definition to apply to a completely opposite concept of «beautiful», «feminine». What does that mean? These women are almost impossible to find common traits, for which to assess the degree of attractiveness. The woman called terrible, hardly anyone can evoke sympathy. Moreover, some can even feel some degree of disgust.

The title of «the worst woman in the world» received the American Lizzie Velasquez. Despite his 23 years, its weight does not exceed 26 kilograms. Blame a rare disease, which the girl does not accumulate subcutaneous fat and it looks like a walking skeleton. That though as-that to support your body, girl forced to eat high-calorie foods about 60 times a day, but it does not help her to gain weight.

Lizzie Velasquez

Despite her disease, Lizzie began writing books today, she has been working for over a second. In this book she describes all that happens to her in life. The first book Lizzie Velasquez has acquired a great demand, the book contains many tips on how to be unique how to make good friends and how to tolerate negative emotions. You can even watch an interview with Velas, in which she told the world how they learned to cope with his situation.

Lizzie and her book

The doctors can’t explain how Lizzie ever be able to survive. When she was little, mom even bought her clothes, because even the smallest size was large. With the birth of doctors prepared parents for the worst eventuality. In their opinion, Lizzie should not have been walking and talking independently. Two year old Lizzie was in the parameters to compare with five-month baby. In childhood she was blind in one eye, none of the physicians failed to explain why it happened. Lizzie is one of the rarest genetic diseases, so no one knows exactly what the girl is waiting for tomorrow. Despite that Velasquez learned not to be sad. Most importantly, she said she was able to survive despite their terrible disease.

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