The worst torture in the history of mankind

The long-term history has shown that the most cruel creatures in the world there are people. Striking confirmation of this are the various methods of torture by which to find out the person is truthful or forced to make confession. It is hard to imagine what kind of torture had to endure the poor guy that was previously terrible torture. Especially popular such methods of inquiry used during the middle ages, when the Inquisition victims were tortured, proving that they are at the service of the devil or practice witchcraft. But in later times often used different torture, especially during interrogations of military prisoners or spies.

The most terrible torture

The worst torture in the history of mankind

Particularly sophisticated torture was invented by the servants of the Holy of the investigations division of sinfulness, called the Inquisition. People who have experienced this kind of inquiry, often died or have become permanently disabled.

Excruciating pain had to deal with a man that landed on the witch’s chair. This instrument of torture were forced to confess all the sins attributed to him. On the seat, back and armrests was the spikes penetrating into the body, make the person suffer greatly. The unfortunate was tied to a chair, and he involuntarily sat down on the spikes. He had to endure unbearable torments, forced to admit all of the alleged charges.

the witch's chair

No less terrible was the torture called a rack. It was used in different ways:

  • the man was placed in a special fixture, his limbs were stretched in opposite directions and fixed to the frame;
  • the poor guy hung and hands, and the feet tied heavy loads;
  • the man was placed horizontally, stretching, sometimes even with horses.

If the Martyr had not confessed his crimes, he was stretched to such an extent that the limbs almost came off, causing immense suffering.


Quite often in the middle Ages resorted to the torture of fire. To make a person suffer for a long time and confess his sins was placed on a metal grid and were tied. The device is hung, and under it a fire. After such torment, the poor man confessed to all the charges against him.

iron bars

The worst torture for women

It is known that during the Inquisition, had destroyed many women, who were suspected of witchcraft. They not only executed incredibly scary methods, but also tortured through all kinds of terrible instruments. Quite often used in the pulper chest. The tool resembled pliers with sharp teeth, which were heated and were tearing their Breasts to pieces.

Pulper Breasts

No less terrible instrument of torture was a pear. This fixture is in closed form was introduced into the mouth, or intimate hole and with the screw opened. Sharp teeth on such a device greatly traumatized internal organs. This torture was used during interrogations of the men suspected of being gay. After this people quite often died. Fatal led to severe bleeding or illnesses, because the tool has not been disinfected.


Real torture can be considered an ancient African ritual that is applied to girls from the age of three. The children, without any anesthesia vistavlyali external intimate organs. Fertility after such procedures have survived, but women have not experienced sexual attraction, which made them faithful wives. This rite was carried out for many centuries.

female circumcision

The most brutal torture for men

Don’t concede the cruelty of torture invented for men. Even the ancient Scythians resorted to castration. For this they even had special devices called sickles. So often tortured men, were captured. Most often the procedure was performed, the women who fought alongside the men.

hammer castration

No less terrible was the torture in which with hot pincers tore the male organ. Unfortunate nothing as to confess or to tell required the truth from him. The performance of such torture was also trusted particularly cruel to women.


Unbearable pain brought torture with a reed, covered with small spines. It was introduced into the male organ and rotated until the tortured person was not given the required information. Spines almost tearing the inner flesh of the male organ, causing unbearable pain. After such torture the person it was very difficult to urinate. This was used to torture American and African Indians.

torture cane

The torture of the Nazis

Special cruelty during interrogations showed the Nazis during the Second world war. A favourite method of the Gestapo was pulling nails. The victim’s fingers were clamped in a special fixture, and stripped them one by one the nails, while the man did not put the required information. Often through such torture, people were forced to confess to something they didn’t commit.

device for peeling nails

Very often in specially equipped rooms in the concentration camps prisoners suspected of espionage, was hung by his hands or tied to some object, and then brutally beaten with chains. These blows caused multiple fractures and injuries, often incompatible with life.

the beating of a chain

Very often the Nazis used waterboarding. The victim was placed in cold room and fixed in a certain position. Overhead the poor man had placed a container of ice water. On the head of the sufferer fell drops that after a while lead even to losing it.

torture kriplani

Modern terrible torture

Despite the fact that modern society is considered «humane» torture has not lost its relevance. Experienced interrogators used the most brutal methods to ferret out information from a suspect. Very often people are tortured with electricity. The human body down the wire and let level, increasing their power.

torture with electricity

Water torture often used in the middle ages, is used in modern times. The man’s face serves some cloth and pour the liquid into the mouth. If the poor man began to choke, flour at the time of the stop. Particularly stubborn suspects then beat on bloated from the large volume of water of the abdomen, which deliver severe pain and lead to internal injuries.

water torture

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