The worst sign of the zodiac

Some people never in my life looked into horoscopes, but in fact they often give the truthful information about the good and bad traits of people. The same people do not exist, but similar qualities in the people who were born under the same sign of the zodiac is. Some signs can be considered positive, while others appear to be the accumulation of everything bad in the world. Let’s find out, who from them the intolerable.

What zodiac sign is the worst?

When selecting the worst sign of the zodiac, takes into account different criteria, so a clear answer to this question will not give any one the astrologer. For example, Scorpions are characterized by such qualities as resentment, suspicion and secrecy. Each of us knows that the Scorpion is very poisonous and vindictive. People born under this constellation, except that vindictive, more ruthless and jealous.


The worst sign of the zodiac for women recognized the Shooter. A woman who was born under the sign of Sagittarius, as a rule, short-tempered, fickle, too straightforward. In the event of a conflict becomes ruthless and excessively violent. However, often these qualities nature gives to men, that does not make them better.


According to astrologers, the worst sign of the zodiac for men – Libra. Their variability, sometimes even hypocrisy, when its own confidence in its infallibility and spirituality sometimes unbearable. Libra male is very attached to the aesthetic side, prone to idealism, often capricious and angry.


Most jealous zodiac sign

From the point of view of astrology most jealous are the Scorpions. These people are very distrustful, and if their partner inadvertently gives at least a small reason to feel jealousy, then he will have to endure all the wrath and indignation of Scorpio.


Second place belongs to the Calf, which, despite the fact that is the best sign for marriage is characterized by a greater sense of ownership.


Along with the preceding the most jealous characters are the representatives of the fire element. Leo, Aries and Sagittarius lead in the blood, so it is especially difficult to do with someone their superiority. But their jealousy more like jealousy of the leader, not the owner.

The least jealous, Pisces and Aquarius, they tend to change ourselves in any suspected cheating partner. They have a desire to meet their partner or to bring back the jealousy.

The most violent sign of the zodiac

Recently, British astronomers have come to a surprising conclusion that the most insidious sign of the Zodiac – Aquarius. Before this discovery the first in the deceit belonged to the Scorpion. He is very dangerous, even at a distance. Most often representatives of this sign because of his excess of sensuality and love of pleasure cheat on their partners, tend to deceive them, and intrigue and forbidden pleasure they like.


Most insidious zodiac sign

According to most «astrologers», the most insidious are Scorpio and Capricorn. They are followed by Aries and Gemini. Especially difficult it is disappointing the «title» is for the Scorpion, which absolutely can not control the desires of his Ego. Under the power of emotions and feelings Scorpions tend to do rash acts that bring problems not only to others but to themselves. And when they are affected by Jupiter and Mars, Scorpions can’t control yourself and you can indulge in all serious. Something similar inherent in Capricorn, especially during the full moon and the equinox.

The most aggressive sign of the zodiac


Here the palm belongs to the Crayfish, although it is difficult to see, looking for a good sign. But offending Cancer, you can purchase the enemy in all his life. And Cancer takes revenge with full dedication, which can. Under the influence of aggression Cancer may make irreparable things that you later will regret. It is among the representatives of this zodiac sign, so a lot of criminals who acted in the heat of passion. So rejoice, if after your abuse, Cancer just isn’t speaking with you the other scenario is very bad.

You met the most cruel, insidious, jealous and aggressive signs of the zodiac. You can come to the conclusion that the worst zodiac sign according to astrologers is Scorpio.

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