The worst place in Russia

In every country there are places where there are strange, bad and defies logic things. There are those in our country — they are always surrounded by rumors and legends. And the worst place in Russia are quite common, because the area is large and to tickle your nerves.

The Dyatlov Pass

In the Northern Urals is the mountain Kholat syakhl, in the language of the locals, of Muncie, called «the mountain of the dead». Since ancient times, this place was considered unsuitable for hunting and grazing animals, and women on it was contraindicated.

It is on the fourth pass of this mountain, later named in honor of the head of group of Dyatlov, in 1959 killed 9 hikers (2 of them girls). Few who have not heard about this tragedy and for 50 years many researchers tried to unravel this mystery: who (or what) was the cause of terrible death?


The bodies of young people were found in their underwear, testify that the guys in panic were fleeing, cutting the tent. Some were bruising, burns and bruises, while the results of the examination, the individual injuries similar force hit by a car that was moving at high speed or blast wave. This event many times, was covered in Newspapers, in 17 documentary films (even the Americans made a horror movie), but no version still cannot provide a definitive answer, why the killing of the students.

Today the mountain as before, visiting tour groups, some going back half way due to the complex route, and local residents are still seeking the pass.


Dono-Medveditskaya gryada

This chain of rolling mountains (to 360 meters), which stretches along the bear river in the Volgograd region, known to all ufologists Russia as a strong geomagnetic area. Since 1982 here were curb 35 expeditions with the aim of fixing and research of anomalies.

Tonosaki sacla-Medveditskaya-ridge

Amazing is rife: light spheres, and as a result burnt trees, unlike the usual linear strikes of lightning from the air. Researchers have discovered 23 of triangular shape, where there is no grass and nothing grows — the soil is sterile at a depth of up to half a meter. And all around cultural seeded plants, but when you try to plow such spaces do not start the motors of the tractors and the drivers prefer to go around these places than to deal with a dead engine. Background radiation is not increased, but lose the clock and all kinds of sensors.

The depths of the Medveditsky ridge is impossible to explore modern methods of seismology at a depth of several meters encounter obstacles, like there is something invisible and protects the screen. Over it was not so long ago discovered cave has a length of 4.5 km and a width up to 7 metres — perfectly smooth, like rocks and sand compressed or burned. For a long time to be in the cave impossible, hallucinations, high blood pressure, a groundless fear, it seems like something doesn’t want to there were people.

We have lost people who returned from the area, usually disoriented and does not remember what happened to them. A little further on is the tract devil’s den with «the Grove of drunk birches,» where the trees curled in various ways. Here is through the roof radiation and was marked by numerous cases of spontaneous human combustion.


Death Valley

Located at the foot of an active volcano kikhpinych, which is located on the territory of the Kronotsky nature reserve in Kamchatka. The name of the volcano in the local language sounds like «thunder and fire». The valley was discovered only in 1975 and reserve staff continuously collect the remains of animals.

On the territory of several kilometers of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, accumulating in the low points of the foothills, poison air — all the living remains here forever due to paralysis of the respiratory nerve. And formed ecological chain is first killed small rodents and sparrows, then go for them birds of prey and foxes, and the last bears and wolverines. There were cases of death of dogs. All the bodies are stored without a sign of decomposition long — oxidative activity of bacteria is slowed down here.

The most dangerous valley in calm and cloudy weather, when the gas accumulates in the valleys, snow gullies and recesses, and Vice versa — windy areas safer. People in the valley without protection is impossible — immediately felt heat in head, headache, weakness and dizziness. And leaving only a dangerous place, you will feel the symptoms will begin to disappear.

Death valley

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