The worst people in the world

The appearance of the person in our society is of great importance. The more beautiful a person is, the easier it all is given. Conversely, nestandartnie looks, the more effort you need to make in order to win over a partner. How terrible life people in the world, if they can adapt where clothes make the man?

Davis Abner

The way an Arizona resident called a «hunting tiger» — multiple tattoos, piercings, a split upper lip, pointed teeth and tiger tail. The holes on the lip Anver insert silicone implants that mimic cat whiskers. Davis believed in the reincarnation of the «man-tiger» his mission on Earth as an Indian tribe in Dakota, where he came from, honor is a sacred animal. The man paid at the time a sufficient amount of in order to look like and more than paid for her participation in various talk shows and filming. In 2012, he was found at home dead, about the cause of death is not known.

Davis Abner

Lizzie Velasquez

She unwillingly fell into the cohort of the most terrible people in the world 24 — year-old girl was born with a rare genetic disease in which completely no body fat. Weighing in at 25 kg the League is forced to eat high-calorie food dozens of times a day, but it can only sustain life in her body. Besides, one of her eyes completely does not see, and in the second vision is declining. A girl studying in University and trying to get used to the constant attention to his person. She published a book about my life with description of his experiences, and is not going to give up.


Jocelyn Wildenstein

This socialite has spent years and about 2 million pounds, in order to obtain this appearance. The fascination with plastic surgery and the inability to stop in time earned her the title «Bride of Frankenstein». Being the wife of a prominent businessman and knowing his love for women, similar to a cat, she decided to turn themselves on their similarity. Her facial features vaguely resemble this animal, Jocelyn and she feels beautiful. Around the woman and its always a lot of money of a certain kind of suitors and admirers that surround her adoration and support that confidence.


Eric Sprague

Texas «lizard man» has spent more than 700 hours on turning himself into a reptile: growths underneath the skin and above the eyebrows, green tattoos all over his body, imitating the scales. He is considered the founder of the modding of the body: sharpened teeth, cut in half tongue. For a complete happiness lacks only the tail, and the simple imitation of Eric does not agree. His looks the man does for a living – he’s got his own show with a lot of spectacular stunts. It is noteworthy that before his transformation into the lizard Sprague was a bachelor of philosophy and wrote scholarly works, but today life he likes much more.

Eric Sprage

The Brothers Gomez

This disease is called «werewolf Syndrome» in the world there are about 50 people who suffer similar failure of the chromosomes. Siblings from Mexico, Victor and Gabriel, 98% and 96% percent of the whole body (respectively) are covered with hair. For the fifth generation of the family suffering from the «congenital hyperthyroidism», and only through the male line. Victor Gomez got the title of «most hairy man in the world» not so long ago and now works with his brother in the circus, exploiting their looks for a living.

Brother Gomez

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