The worst fish in the world

In the oceans and seas is home to many varieties of fish. They are striking in their grace to adapt to a particular environment. They have their own robust defense mechanisms. And, of course, a lot of fish to surprise people with unusual appearance. Found a lot of cute and lovely fish. However, there are species of fish of his appearance, able to scare any person. What are the seas of the scariest fish in the world?


Today, many people agree on the opinion that fish of the most intimidating appearance, it’s saber — toothed. She is actually quite scary and unpleasant. The head of these fish is completely out of proportion. Body color – in fuzzy brown and black shades. From a large number of canines of different sizes on the jaws of these fish are just creepy.

Fry the fish species differ significantly from adults. The surface of the body they have little light, the body structure is also quite different. And the head of such fry has pointed spikes.

The worst fish in the world found in the depths of the Pacific and Atlantic ocean and in the Indian sea. They can be found at 700-meter depth. And fry in 200-meter depths. Saber-toothed feed on small fish, crustaceans, creatures, squid, etc. Fry, in turn, often themselves become prey for other sea creatures, such as alepisaurus, tuna and others.


At great depths of the seas found another kind of fish which can replenish the category of the scariest fish in the world. It’s a fish-drop, known for its unattractive, even ugly, appearance. It is called many anglers Australian bull. In essence it is not dangerous for people. This species is found at sea depth of about one kilometer. Habitat for this species of fish steel water Tasmania and Australia.

Such fish are not swimming bubbles. For the unsightly appearance of fish-drop characteristic unpleasant slippery gelatinous mass of the body. She constantly sad expression that matches and complements the exterior look. Despite the fact that this species is not edible, the fish-drop, increasingly began to catch sailors and fishermen. This led to the fact that it is currently at the stage of extinction. This is a real threat that requires the collection of more humane treatment. After all, then to restore the population, have more than 10 years.

Tadpole fish

The worst fish in the world continue to be of interest in all parts of the world. One of them is large-headed fish that can be found in Atlantic waters. Adult fish of this species occasionally reach a length of 2 meters. Its weight is approximately 30 kg. Representatives of such of the fish is very well camouflaged under the water among the rocks. Their prey, regardless of size, pounce immediately. Stomach brainy fish has dimensions such as the torso.


In the list of most terrible and at the same time, amazing world of fish included a vampire-harazin. This unique species of aquatic creatures called count Dracula in the form of fish. That is the definition exists among the population. The habitat of these dangerous fish of the Amazon. Fish are able to achieve in adulthood, 1.5 meter length. Its weight is about 14 kg. Even more unpleasant make fish its terrifying sharp fangs that can grow up to 12 cm in length. So when a vampire-harazin bites his victims, he feels, literally, all their guts.

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