The worst creatures in the world

On Earth a huge variety of living beings. And each with something interesting, unique and unrepeatable. Unfortunately, some of them already extinct or listed in the Red book. But among the other lot of unusual instances, for example, those that cause fear. What are the most terrible creatures that inhabit our Land?

Ten of the most terrible and dangerous animals chose the environmentalists. They put it in the car and man. And although the people there are very attractive specimens, but for causing harm to nature they have no equal. People make horror movies about animals, people destroy each other and their own kind just. Worse, there is probably no animal on the planet.

The underwater world of monsters

In the deep sea is home to a truly amazing and terrifying creatures. With some of these people a friend, and on some (due to the great depths) we have no idea, because the seas account for 70% of the earth’s surface.


Scary and dangerous fish-saber, which lives at great depths. It is also called «fish-eater», although she eats people is a moot point. Covered with rough skin, fish has four huge and long of tooth. They are so long that are not included in the jaw, so they have a special slots, located in the brain. At great depths, production is not easy to find, but if she did, then Sabretooth will attack and bite it until then, while the victim will not become a prey. Although the size of fish is small: about 15 cm Long in young and adult individuals were classified as a different species, so they are not similar.

A mixin, or a fish-witch

This is a unique, jawless fish that in the ocean there are few – a mixin or «fish-a witch». She goes out To hunt only at night, lives deep in the depths of the water and feeds on the weak and dying individuals. Is looking for prey, she is very peculiar. Swimming against the tide, she feels the tentacles at the mouth of the vibrations in the water. Attacking the mixin gnaws the victim in the hole, entwining her safetywas in a knot. Climbing inside, she first eats the liver, then the muscles. And from the prey remains only the skin and skeleton. During the day she is «silting», the surface is only the head. For a long time can live without food. It can be attributed to the most slippery of the body both in water and on land. The mucus serves as a lubricant and nasty predators. They live alone, and populations.


Many seasoned sailors were stories about a giant sea monster «Kraken». These are stories and legends about a huge squid. Yes there legends! These squids do exist and their size is impressive – from 13 to 20 meters. Squid are predators. They eat deep-sea fish and squid, only small. The tentacles have serrated suckers as a weapon for hunting. Easy to rise to the water surface due to the presence in the body to specific substances.

RIBA-dragon ABO adiacent

In the deep sea, there lives fish-dragon or adiacent. Females up to 40 cm, very long teeth, they don’t even give the jaws to close. Teeth in the dark and still glow. Adiacent is able to catch and eat prey larger than he was, due to the moving jaws. And to eat a big trophy, the internal organs are pushed back. Males small, with a length of 6 cm, and their intestine is not working. They are just floating in the water column, drawing his glow females.

The inhabitants of the caves


How on earth bats-vampires? The answer is Yes. It is the residents of Central and South America. Body they have is not large, but the coverage of the wings reaches 20cm. They drink the blood of adult mammals. On sleeping animals mouse with teeth-incisors performed cuts from which blood flows. It does not clot in the saliva of mice are special substances. Animal, asleep, feels nothing. At night the shepherds pull the network over Pets, because the mice not only feed on blood, but also carry rabies. Bats have to eat regularly, otherwise they lose power and die within 2-3 days. Their victims they experience through sounds, smells, and echolocation. Many do not know that vampires are able not only to fly fast, but to run well. They spend half of my life in the dark caves.

The inhabitants of the jungle


Called the «killer of bulls», snake Anaconda really has a terrible reputation. Having a weight of 250 kg, it has gigantic strength and can crush quite large animals. It wraps around its victim and choking her. But a poisonous snake is not. On top are the eyes and nostrils so it can breathe and monitor the victim while in the water. She spends a lot of time in fresh water, for which it is also called a water boa. And it’s shedding old skin, leaving the reservoir, while it rubs against the bottom. Sounds almost can’t hear, but feel sound vibrations whole body. Not blinking, like all snakes. It is believed that it hypnotizes prey. Applies ovoviviparous. The young hatch from the eggs directly in the body of the mother, and she carries them for about 6-7 months, thus severely lose weight.

Fans of the Islands

The Tasmanian devil

Jaw relation to body length from Tasmanian devil is simply amazing. The strength and power of the bite he is ahead of even a lion! Inhabits this member of the family of Marsupials only. Tasmania. This is a fairly large predator, which weighs about 12 kg. also called «marsupial devil»: their jaws it can eat bones. The animal eats in the company. To the feast come to 12 individuals who «know» each other through sounds and poses. Tasmanien very voracious, it needs a day to eat the amount of food equal to about 15% of the mass of his own body. He eats all in a row: insects, snakes, small birds and animals. Could attack tourists who mistake him for a puppy.

Komodo dragon

The Komodo dragon lives on the island of Komodo and nearby Islands in Indonesia. It is similar to the dragon that was preserved in the myths and legends. It is called a dragon, a dinosaur, but it’s still a lizard. Three-meter monster feeds on carrion, but are strong and can kill deer, pig and even human. The cutting edges of the teeth of the monitor lizard similar to saw teeth. With their help he easily eviscerates the carcass of his victim. Documented cases of hunting rights. This files most often by the bite of the lizard people die from sepsis (blood poisoning). But we can’t kill them, as they are listed in the Red book.

Mexican passion

Zapovednaya lizard or Basilisk

Resident of the Mexican space – Zapovednaya lizard or a Basilisk. It is not like the usual slim and nimble lizards. The head is large outgrowths, like horns, and scales – spiky outgrowths. It runs poorly, but is able to burrow in the sand due to the motion of the body. When it rains, the Basilisk changes the shape of the body and the water droplets flow directly to the corners of the mouth. The lizard is prolific: from may defer up to 40 eggs. But the most unusual quality, she is protected from predators. It defends from enemies «firing» from the eyes of a real blood. This saves his life.

The Inhabitants Of The Earth


I have to think long what is the most scariest creature on earth. This is a man who took a different seat, destroying the forests, plowing and impoverishing the soil, polluting the water, getting toxic waste. Man spends natural resources thoughtlessly, already in debt. All economic activity leads to the destruction of living beings on the planet. And even the most scary creatures in the world capable of stopping him.

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