The worst archaeological site

The profession of archaeologist in the first place requires nerves of steel and endurance. Through research, scientists sometimes get it out of the ground stuff that stops the heart. In addition to the vintage crockery, clothing and Scriptures they find the remains of animals and people. We offer you to learn about the most terrifying archaeological excavations.

Screaming mummies

Egypt is full of mysteries and secrets, many of which have already been solved. Studying the tomb, in 1886, the researcher Gaston Maspero found some unusual the mummy. Unlike the other bodies found earlier, she was just wrapped in sheep’s clothing. And her face was twisted in a terrible grimace, in a terrible mummy opened her mouth. Scientists have put forward different versions, among them poisoning, burial of the Egyptian alive. In fact, everything was quite simple. When zamatyvanie body, mouth also tied with a rope. Apparently fixing bad led to the fact that the rope was dropped, and the jaw is no held fell down. As a result, the body acquired this kind of creepy. To this day, archaeologists find these mummies, which is still referred to as flagrant.

The headless Vikings

In 2010, the list of the most terrifying archaeological excavations have added to the scientists who carried out work in Dorset. The group was hoping to find farm implements of their ancestors, their clothes, working tools, to Supplement historical information about their life. But, what they found, was terrified. Scientists have discovered the remains of human bodies but without heads. The skulls were near the grave. After carefully studying them, archaeologists concluded that the remains of the Vikings. While the skulls are not enough. Therefore, we can conclude that some goals executioners brought in as a trophy. Burial 54 of the Vikings took place on the 8-9 century.

An unknown creature

Scientists, enthusiasts, while walking through the National Park in New Zealand, across a karst cave. Young archaeologists decided to visit it. Walking through the corridors of the cave, the group saw a skeleton that was well preserved, but was a terrible sight. A large body had rough skin, beak, huge claws. I do not understand, where did this monster, the guys quickly left the cave. Further research showed that this was the remains of an ancient MoA bird. Some scientists believe that it still lives on the planet, just hiding from people.

Crystal skull

Archaeologist Frederick Mitchell hedges, walking through the jungles of Belize, made a startling discovery. They had found a skull made of rock crystal. Find weight tightened by 5 kg. Tribes, who lived nearby, saying that the skull is a legacy of the ancient Mayans. All of them are scattered across the world 13 pieces, and the one who will gather the entire collection will be available the secrets of the universe. True or not-is unknown, but the mystery of the skull have not been solved to this day. Weird that it is made by technology, which is contrary to the known humanity of the chemical and physical laws.

Here’s a strange, unusual, and sometimes scary world of archaeology. The road ahead is still a lot of discoveries and unimaginable unraveling of secrets.

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