The world’s widest Strait

The Strait is called water space, which is located in such a way that divides a two plot of land, and connects the adjacent water basins (and their parts). So, the two oceans – Atlantic and Pacific have a line in the form of the widest in the world Strait, which is called the «Drake passage».

Where is and what are its dimensions?

The widest in the world, the Drake passage is located between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans

The world’s most extensive Strait, which acts as a kind of connecting link between the above two oceans, with the Northern part is restricted to Tierra del Fuego (archipelago), and from the South – South of the Scottish Islands. The narrowest part of this Strait is equal to 820 km and the widest is 950 km In depth of the Drake passage reaches 5249 meters (and this is the biggest depth point from the surface of the water). In this very wide world the Strait, is Cape horn, which is an extreme point of South America to the South. For in this water space, but rather, in its Northern part, reaches a speed of 4 m/sec.

MIS Horn

The historical facts of the opening of the Strait

Named this the world’s widest Strait in honor of the famous Explorer Francis Drake, who was also a pirate. However, very interesting is the fact that this sailor is not a pioneer in this space. Sail to the Strait and make it open was the Spaniard Francisco Ideal (1526.). But the opening of a great sailor and a captain went unnoticed.

Drake entered the Strait through fifty-two years, when he went to his famous trip around the world in 1577-1580. According to his plans, he had to pass through the Strait of Magellan from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. However, the Navigator got lost a few because the ocean is «pleased» by a strong storm. Causing the ship to Drake threw to the South, where it passed through this Strait, named further the name of Drake. So there were circumstances under which the captain managed to make an important discovery in the field of geography and pave a new path for the implementation of bright and bold voyages.

Flow Drake I ostrovi

Especially the weather

It has long been the world’s widest Strait differed adverse weather conditions. Most often this water is observed great storms and terrible wind blowing, the speed of which sometimes reach 35 km/h. The wind, blowing with great power, creates high waves that can reach a height of 15 meters. Many sailors say that to be in the waters of this Strait – it is quite dangerous, but if you manage to reach the appointed place, it is possible to be proud of their courage, adventurous nature and courage.

Not uncommon in the Drake passage violent storms and strong winds

Even in summer the water temperature is on the limit – plus 6 degrees. Warmer the water becomes. Winter in the Strait there is a lot of floating ice, icebergs can even see in the summer. The storms that await sailors in the Straits, it is impossible to meet on any other water environments of the world oceans. And seasickness is not bypasses in the Straits side of even the most avid explorers.

For the sailors who were able to overcome a pretty dangerous crossing the Drake passage, the English Queen Elizabeth I has even been approved by the original award – it gave the Braves a copper earring, and provided the right to visit all restaurants in the world absolutely free.

The variety of birds in the area of the Strait

Over the Strait to fly a variety of birds

Every sailor who has ever sailed through the Drake passage, notes how many birds accompanied the ship. Here there are many in various types. The explanation is quite simple – it is a boundary with the Antarctic, and there is a mix of cold and warm waters. A result of the water of the Strait is rich in various marine life, which are staples in the diet of petrels, albatrosses, petrels, Skuas and many other birds that live in this part of the world. But if they have food, therefore, they live well and freely.

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