The world’s smallest man

In a small Nepalese village, located 400 km from Kathmandu, Nepal lives a little, its growth only 54 cm, his name is Chandra Bahadur Dangi and he recently turned 72 years old. On this unique man dropped as much as two records – the shortest man in the world and the little survivor – people and such growth rarely live to such a ripe old age.

Bach Dangara

The interesting thing is that the existence of such a little person no one would never knew, he did not come to the organization for the defining records. The fact that the village Armhole, where Chandra lives, not isolated little man, and treated him as to all the rest.

Bach Dangara

But after Chandra was awarded two certificates related to the little the man has changed – this event is a source of pride not only families Dangi, but all the inhabitants of the village. For Chandra now with respect.

From Chandra a profession, at leisure, he weaves special mats and hats for the locals. In the other he helps out around the house, watching the Buffalo and cows. Of course, owing its growth to manage the massive cattle the husband can not, but to call someone from relatives to help completely.

Bach Dangara

Nepalese lost his parents at the age of sixteen, and since then to care for his older brother. Only Chandra five brothers and two sisters – all of them men of medium height. When the growth Bahadur stopped – none of the relatives definitely can’t call as no one really remembers exactly when the record was born 72 years recorded in the words of Chandra.

Most likely, the growth of men due to dwarf disease, which manifested itself even in the womb. At rather small sizes of the trunk and extremities, Chairman Dangi normal size.

Bach Dangara

Surprisingly, this man of small stature never discouraged, the only thing sorry Chandra, it’s about the fact that he never, because of their growth, was not married. Have a record of excellent health, he had never been sick, and in the case of a cold, drank a Cup of hot water with dissolved in it with turmeric. And after a few days of illness is gone.

Chandra Bahadur eats the most simple food – rice and vegetables, meat dishes, he uses very rarely. During the meal, the Nepalese do not use the chair he’s sitting right on the table.

The title of the smallest man Chandra Bahadur Dangi took Genrea of Bulavinka. In addition to titles, the man received a substantial monetary reward, which plans to start travel all over the world.

Ginrei Blowing


This looks just a child, a young man 22 years old, lives in the Philippines. His height is 55 cm and 8 mm. More than anything, he wants to marry a beautiful girl. Meanwhile, his favorite pastime is riding on the shoulders of the father.

The first signs that a boy is something wrong, manifested at the age of two – a boy from birth, often sick and the doctors could not determine the diagnosis. And then just shrugged and said that Ginrai will no longer grow.


The boy’s parents didn’t have money for the expensive treatment and the only thing they invited doctors to give the boy the vitamins. The former is the smallest man in the world can not move independently, even just to stand for him, an impossible task. Ginrei Blowing is fully dependent on parents and unable to care for themselves.

Iota, Amga

Yotie Amga

The smallest man among women – a 20-year resident of India, Iota, Amga. Her height is slightly below the 63 inches. She leads an active life – in the movies and travels the world. Iota have achondroplasia – a form of dwarfism. She’s immature articular and cartilage – so do not grow neither feet nor hands. This kind of dwarfism is sick one of the 100 000 people.

Yotie Amga

Like any other young woman, Iota loves to go shopping and buy nice clothes. And in 2012, she met with the smallest man in the world Bahadur Dangi.

When the girl’s mother got pregnant, she had a strange feeling, moreover, when the doctors at the ultrasound I saw the fruit, they began to convince the woman that the child is dead, but the woman didn’t believe in it. Iota, Amge was born by caesarean section – the surprise of the doctors there was no limit, the girl was perfectly healthy without any signs of illness.

Yotie Amga

But the joy did not last long – after a few years it was noticed that the growth of the Iota is not increased – the girl lagged far behind their peers. Anyway, the girl was not discouraged – she’s made friends and even went to school. For Iota has built a special tiny Desk.

Iota, Amge dreams of becoming a movie actress and has already starred in the fourth season of «American horror story: freak Show».

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