The world’s most powerful computer

In 2013, Chinese scientists managed to create a computer capable of performing not less than 30 petaflops. Ever since the first line is the international ranking of top 500 repeatedly echoed «Tianhe-2».

The ranking lists the Top 500 is updated twice a year — in the first summer, and in the last month of autumn. On the second place of the list, which includes the world’s most powerful supercomputers with a result of 17.59 petaflops settled the American Titan, the third, with a minimum gap of 0.42 petaflops is also representative of the U.S. Department of energy’s Sequoia supercomputer.



This is one of the most powerful computers in the world used to simulate nuclear explosions, to cope with the problems of astronomy, and energy. He could discern the secrets of the human genome and calculate the consequences of climate change.

At all those operations which are performed by the Sequoia in one second, you need to take seven billion people, to give everyone a calculator and get them to do mathematical calculations without lunch breaks and sleep. If you work 365 days a year, around the clock continuously, then the calculations would require 320 years. The benefit of Sequoia still built, and now there is no need to manually perform complex calculations.



Before the advent of the Chinese competitor, this powerful computer has taken a leadership position. He was born thanks to the joint work of the companies Cray and Nvidia. In each of the 18 thousand 688 supercomputer nodes is shestnadtsatiyaderny AMD Opteron processor and graphics card Nvidia Tesla K20X.

Titanium has found its application in National laboratory oak ridge, located in the state of Tennessee. He is busy in designing fuel-efficient engines, in the study of biofuels, in calculations of the effects of climate change.

Top 500

According to the compilers of the ranking, trace the emergence of the most powerful computers in the world, one of the top ten remains unchanged from 2013. In the ranking are 233 U.S. representative, 73 – Chinese model, over three dozen supercomputers of British and Japanese production, three less from France and Germany are 23 computers.


Russia in this ranking are five cars, one of which is the supercomputer «Lomonosov» in Moscow state University. M. Lomonosov, with a capacity of 0.9 petaflops as of November 2014, ranks 58th.


But our immediate attention is the world’s most powerful computer, Tianhe-2 is located at this place due to the high – of 33.86 petaflops – of computing speed equivalent to a million billion calculations per second! This figure is difficult to comprehend by the human mind. To make it more clear, imagine a powerful technique in thirty-three millions of times more powerful than any iPad.


The car is a total of 16 thousand compute nodes, each of which consists of three dvenadcatiletnih processor brand Xeon Phi E5-2692 processors and two Intel Xeon IvyBridge. In his defense, Chinese engineers said that Intel processors were used only for computing part of the machine, while the rest is interconnect, RAM, secondary processors are the only fruits in China.

The memory of the most powerful computer in the world 1 thousand 24 TB, which exceeds the results of conventional PK of 12. To work supercomuter need about 18 thousand kilowatts of energy. The total number of cores of the machine 3 million 120 thousand Theoretically possible efficiency of Tianhe-2 of about 55 thousand teraflops.

This computational technique works on the operating system Kylin Linux. Is a supercomputer in defense scientific and technical University, the people’s liberation army of China.


It was developed by the National University of defense technology, China, in cooperation with the Inspur company. At the moment the machine produces calculations in climate modeling, powerful explosions. In General, all those engaged, than his colleagues. His research has been applied in the development of large aircraft C919, it is possible to observe the Earth, determine the gene sequence. It has found its application in the field of administrative management, cloud computing, and information services.

To create the most powerful computer in the world, China spent $ 390 million. At him, hopes the supercomputer should accelerate the development of such fields as materials science, information technology, military, space technology, aviation.

Currently actively developing anti-satellite laser systems, is looking for new sources of energy, and many other promising developments for the future.


This is not the first time in the history of supercomputers, when the Chinese computer ranked first in the top-500. The predecessor of the «Tianhe-2» in 2010 already occupied a leading position in the list, but stayed there for long. He shifted computing giants from USA and Japan. How are powerful States of China at this time, time will tell. But according to experts, the creation of equipment that can outdo the Tianhe-2, can take a long time.

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