The world’s most expensive sneakers

Best shoes for practicing different sports are sneakers. Today there is a considerable range of such shoes, and the cost varies widely. Available even these models of sneakers that are not available to everyone, because their price is simply exorbitant. Usually, this sports shoes is offered in limited quantities, and the price is formed depending on demand. So what are the world’s most expensive shoes? Who is their manufacturer? And also who and how ready to fork out to have in her wardrobe unique athletic shoes? Well, let’s find out.

Diamond Stud Nike Boots

Diamond Stud Nike Sneakers Boots

Who would doubt that something original and worth many thousands of dollars in terms of men’s athletic shoes will offer the world famous Nike. This pair of shoes is deservedly considered to be the most expensive in the world of sneakers. And this status will give them a diamond and sapphire jewelry (7444), as well as the use for the finishing of white gold. All of these shoes, the design of which employed designer Luisa di Marco produced three pairs. Manufacturers of this model argue that it is simply created to improve posture and prevent excessive fatigue of the legs after prolonged walking. Thus, these sneakers are not only properly fulfilled in all senses, but especially useful for the health of the feet and spine. And if you need comfortable women’s shoes, you can buy it in online store

Also, the company’s specialists have noted that to serve these shoes will be much longer than their cheaper counterparts. Although, who would agree to put these shoes carry if the cost of these sneakers are very high – you can buy them afford the famous footballers from Italy (John Terry, Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand), who was generous and gave unique products estimated to reach 218,000 dollars each. Another happy owner of the most expensive sneakers in the world football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Silver Air Jordan Shoes

Sneakers Silver Air Jordan Shoes

Second place among the expensive sports shoes is these shoes, the history of which is very interesting. It turns out that they have signed the still popular basketball player of our time – Michael Jordan, things which always become the target of attacks» avid fans of the athlete. Jordan, despite the ban of the National Basketball Association to use these sneakers, stepped on a soccer field in them. For this he was constantly fined in the amount of $ 5,000. But these fines have always been paid by the company Nike that has done this with great joy – and how differently if their advertised products of Jordan himself.

But once a popular basketball player decided to give these expensive sneakers with silver-plated his ardent fan, after putting on them his autograph. The following story was told by the owner of this pair of shoes, who decided to put it on eBay. Fans who can not wait to have in your collection of effects, these sneakers have launched a serious battle, and the result is a pair with the stroke of a pen as a popular athlete «gone» for 60,000 dollars.

Nike Air Force1

Nike Sneakers Air Force1

In the middle of the ranking of the most expensive sneakers of products are created jointly by Nike and Prryya&Chinatan. The main feature of this pair of shoes is a frame for the logo Nike diamond at 11 carats. Therefore, these shoes are not many shoes for sports activities, exactly how much that piece of jewelry that could become a nice gift for connoisseurs and expensive.

Thanks to the brilliance of diamonds, the product is quite luxurious, and therefore are made by special order only in two copies. But for the first couple of exclusive and expensive sneakers have already found a buyer – he was the famous rapper Big Boi (Antwan Paton), who was generous to $ 50,000 to have in the wardrobe of a stylish and expensive. Of course, the cost of $ 50,000 is just huge, but for the wealthy, nothing is impossible, and therefore second pair of shoes soon, be sure to «acquire a master».

Nike Air Zoom Kobe1

Nike Air Zoom Kobe1

Next on the list are the sneakers for basketball, which was shown for the first time by the famous American basketball player Kobe Bryant. It was he who in 2005 successfully beat the other team, «knocking» 81 points – highly to jump up on the match he was helped by these shoes. This model, Nike has released a total of 25 pairs. This model has 4 colors, which mark the four city States. Each pair of the sports shoes are Packed in wooden box. And it presents a map of the city, which is in the form of a pattern on sneakers.

This basketball shoes, for the manufacture of which used suede and synthetic leather, easy enough when wearing, has front grooves, allowing it to bend, and also has an elastic Board, which is made solid, and allows the foot to curl. These characteristics have allowed sneakers to be called the most expensive in the world. And for those who want to buy these shoes, you will have to pay at least $ 30,000.

Nike SB Flom Dunk High

Nike SB Flom Dunk High

The last place in our ranking is again running shoes from Nike, the cost of which is estimated at $ 7,500 – it is much cheaper than the previous model, however, and they can afford not everyone. These sneakers have premium you can only buy in a limited number of specialized shops around the world.

A distinctive feature of the sneakers is versatility, as these shoes can be used for practicing any sports. They can dance, play basketball or even just go for a walk or a run. As a rule, they are produced in black-and-white color scheme with the addition of red and Golden hues on the sides of the product. In addition, this model is multifunctional, it is also made to last and are durable. Thus, in such sneakers to dance or to play sports can be very long.

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