The world’s longest name

Using names, we are strongly connected with their ancestors. Studying the history of the surname and penetrating, so to speak, into a kind of, we have the ability to find many of the relatives (close and not) that can give us quite a lot of new information, that is something we would not be able to walk independently. Typically, the people of our country are simple names, which are often the same. Also, for example, in China, there are about five hundred names. And in Iceland, people do not have surnames – they replace their names and patronymics.

Typically, many families in our country are representatives of simple names

But those names that are in the world can be not only simple, but extremely difficult to pronounce. And all because this is the longest surname in the world. For example, in this article are given impressive names.

Surname of 35 letters from a resident of Hawaii

In Janice Lokelani keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele that lives in Hawaii, not the world’s longest name. Although it is a word of the thirty-five letters. A woman got married, so the proud women behind his name big. And she even once had to arrange a scandal when his driver’s license did not fit one letter of her last name. The thing is that boxes for entering name and surname in this country provided only 34. But because women constantly had problems with such long names – first, when obtaining a driver’s license, and then with the authorities.

The owner of long family Janice Lokelani keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele

Power as a result of proposed owner unusual surname to shorten it, or take your maiden. But Janice refuses, explaining that wishes to preserve the memory of the deceased husband, and to instill respect for the people of Hawaii. Therefore, it is always necessary to have at itself the document proving the identity, and driver’s license to avoid many misunderstandings.

Name is 43 letters from a Turkish resident

His name aiyilciklikirmicibayraktaziyankagramanoglu, consisting of 43 letters, is very proud of Turkish people. Most are unlikely to simply read, much less pronounce, so long and difficult name. But in spite of this, a resident of Istanbul, was not discouraged, because the name belongs to him, contains a proud and Patriotic determination. And who will dare to drop something nice?

100 letters in the names of Hawaiian girls

Surname of the girl from Hawaii, consisting of 100 letters, not placed in the school magazine

An even greater number of letters contained in the names of the girls who lives in Hawaii. Parents gave the girl a kind of «legacy», calling it NAPA AMO Hala she Aneka Milestones Milestones She Hevea Nena Wawa Kehoe Onca kahe GEA Lech She It EA Nan Nia Kyoko OA RSA van IK Van. Agree that the name looks like an exercise that allows them to learn the location of symbols on the keyboard. Of course, with such a long name, the girl immediately ran into some difficulties. These 100 symbols are naturally not included in the school magazine when she began to attend school. However, the name of the girl parents to change is not going to, because it has very beautiful words, after all, the girl should be fine.

Long Russian names

The longest surname in Russia – arhinevolokotocherepopindrikovskaya. Yes, these 33 letters are a real name, belongs to a gymnast from the Soviet Union. It is difficult to imagine how leading uttered such a long name, when he invited the athlete to speak out. In our country names longer exists, and it is unlikely they will appear.

Lydia Christ - the winner of the long Russian names

There is another interesting name, which sounded like this: Tridiagonalization. It belonged to a man who was an American boxer, but had Russian roots. In addition to his name, the athlete is no longer famous. And to date, the longest a Russian name is that of Christ, which consists of 20 letters. The carrier of this is Lydia Christ, who is the author of the textbook of the English language.

The German name of the 24 letters

Bernd, Autoverzekeringen has a very long German name

Bernd, Autoverzekeringen has a very long German name, which consists of 24 letters. He, too, had to face various problems when writing any papers. Because of this, his wife and daughter decided to reduce by half the name – and now they have Getsendername. However, Bernd is in no hurry to part with his name, which has its ancestral history. It’s probably the right decision, because we must know and remember the history of their ancestors.

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