The world’s longest limousine

The most important thing in a limousine is its length. It is this parameter so attracted to a car that extravagant travels and gives its owners the pleasure of travel. However, not every limousine, you can simply drive around town, especially if the car has a pretty impressive size. What are the limousines are long and far «surpassed» their «brothers»? Which of these cars can rightly be called the world’s longest limo?

California’s limo Orberga

The world's longest limousine Jay Orberg

A California resident Jay Ohrberg made the world’s longest limo and called him the «American dream». Giant, which has a length of 30, 48 metres and presented in 1999, was created as a showpiece for exhibitions, such as the length of a limousine does not allow him to move freely through the city streets. But then the owner began to take the car to rent the lovers of chic to celebrate a solemn date, but to manage such a machine can only specially trained driver.

Made the world’s longest limousine, which weighs ten tons, from 26 th wheels and two cabins for the driver. The number of cabins you need for ease of management – if the car moves in a straight line, the driver can simply change from one cabin to the other to effect the movement back and forth. From 30.48 meters 25 meters represent solid window limousine, which there are only 30 (each side has 15 Windows).

The American dream - the longest limousine

The limousine is equipped with two motors and two panoramic doors, and it provides a platform for helicopter landing. The owner tried not only over the appearance of the limousine – at least looks gorgeous and the interior is more like a room in a hotel or in a bar. There is a Solarium, a bar, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, luxurious sofas and a large water bed. There are TVs to watch the broadcast of satellite TV; there is also the possibility to use the Internet.

The interior of the world's longest limousine

Jay Orberg not able to earn a lot of money to hire the world’s longest limousine. To date, the car owner can bring the funds only through photos that I wish to make the background of this giant car. In 2014, the limo was put up for sale, but not yet willing to buy this unique vehicle, which, incidentally, is not in such an attractive form as before (he has a smashed windshield, the roof has some defects, rusted tub, and the interior does not look so chic).

Midnight Rider – the «cool» of a long limousine

Limousine The Midnight Rider

To create the «American dream» is this a limo from southern California was considered the longest in the world. In the Book of Records, the limo was not only a 21-meter length, but for high altitude and very high cost. Essentially this machine is a trailer on wheels, which the tractor can not go on the trip. Such a limousine weighs approximately 25 tons. Long, heavy, this car can navigate the roads to enter the turns on which it is possible when the radii that are not less than 14 meters. On Board the limo can accommodate up to 40 guests. It includes the dwelling, the bathroom is quite spacious in size and powerful sound system. This car is possible to call the hotel on wheels, the staff which is represented by two drivers, a hostess and an engineer. The car body is made of stainless steel, is 16 times greater thickness of metal from which manufactured trailers. Welded seams which connect parts of the machine are performed such that take place in the aircraft industry. The area inside of the limousine is 40 m2.

Bar of a limousine the Midnight Rider

The interior of this «cool» limousine service presents a variety of wooden and glass elements. The cabin has 3 rooms, each of which is equipped with bar, telephone and TV. Despite the fact that limousine American dream» surpassed the length of this car, the Midnight Rider is the undoubted leader in the number of residential areas, sofas and provided alcohol.

Limousine based on the Cadillac 1976 V.

Limousine based on the Cadillac 1976 V.

This limousine is also «lit up» on the Guinness Book of world Records. 12-foot car was created in 1984 on the basis of a sedan Cadillac 1976 issue. Despite the rather considerable length, the limo was equipped with two axles and four wheels. At the time the car was used to transport stars, the most important political figures, for comfort which the interior of the vehicle was provided everything (telephone, air conditioning, special lighting, stereo system, bar, TV). Also limousine «took part» in the film.

But our time in its original form, the car did not come down – now you car dipped slightly, so the limo is on props. However, to replace him came another limousine — Cadillac Escalade, which today can be rent in many cities.

Cadillac Escalade

This car is designed for up to 18 passengers. It has a mirrored ceiling, parquet flooring, LCD monitors and bars with neon lights. Very often it is rented as the main car in the wedding procession.

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