The world’s largest tsunami

A tsunami is a huge wave that moves the entire water column. The reasons for this phenomenon may be the influence of fell in ocean water, celestial bodies, landslides, or human actions (e.g., nuclear testing) and earthquakes. What the earthquake has become a powerful impulse for the emergence of waves of destructive actions, which represent the world’s largest tsunami. Where was it recorded such things, and what would the consequences be characterized?

Lituya Gulf: highest in the history of the wave (1958)

Tsunami in the Gulf Lituya

The highest wave that has ever been observed, was in 1958 in Alaska. Her appearance was connected with the incident of the earthquake, which is accompanied by further displacement. From the rocky cliffs into the water broke the stone and the ice mass that has resulted in the emergence of huge waves at 524 meters. The tsunami completely washed away spit La Hausse, which served as a separator of the main area of the Bay and the Bay of Hilbert.

Tsunami: the Indian ocean (2004)

The tsunami in the Indian ocean

The world’s largest tsunamis known for the available history of the origins of the destructive waves, destroying many villages and causing the death of many people. It flew through located near the Indian ocean fourteen countries, was the power of the most deadly and devastating because it caused the deaths of over 230000 people. The greater the number of victims of the huge waves was in India, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

It all began with an underwater earthquake, which was 9.3 points. It provoked the appearance of extremely high waves (their height was 30 meters), bearing destruction and death. Fifteen minutes after the quake a large wave had inundated the coastal zone. But thanks to the accumulated knowledge on tsunamis living here some people managed to save their lives, although most of the settlements located on the coast, were taken by surprise, which led to mass victims of the disaster.

Tohoku (2011).

Tsunami Tohoku

A 40-meter tsunami wave that struck Japan and represent the consequences of the earthquake in 9 points, led to very sad results – the number of dead and missing people has amounted to approximately 25,000 people, destroyed roughly 125,000 buildings. And the worst thing was that suffered a Nuclear power plant that was a real disaster on an international scale. Even today not fully understood the consequences of what happened, but then increased the radiation was detected even at a distance of 200 miles from the plant.

Tsunami of Valdivia (Chile, 1960.)

Tsunami in Chile

The strongest tremors (9.5 points) near the southern Chilean coast has led to the awakening from hibernation of the volcano and the occurrence of huge waves devastating force. In height they made up 25 meters. The impact of the tsunami have experienced not only different regions of Valdivia, but Hawaii, Japan. This is a great tsunami swept across the Pacific, then taking the lives of 60 people living in Hawaii. After the devastating effect on Hawaii, a huge wave appeared in Japan, taking approximately 140 human lives. Just this disaster has been credited with 6000 victims.

Tsunami: Gulf of Moro (1976)

A tsunami in the Moro Gulf

The tsunami was equally devastating and has caused the death of 5000 people, and approximately 2,200 are considered missing. 90,000 people living on the island of Mindanao (Philippines), were deprived of their homes. The height of the waves of this tsunami that was the result of tremors in 7.9 points, was approximately 4.5 meters. For all time of existence of the Philippines the impact of the waves was a huge disaster in its consequences, because many villages simply disappeared.

Tsunami: Papua New Guinea (1998).

Tsunami in Papua New Guinea

First, there was the 7-point earthquake. No one could not assume that it will be able to cause a tsunami. But after a powerful aftershocks showed an improvement, and as a result, a wave, reach a height of 15 meters. Huge waves rushing to the coast, caused the death of more than 2,000 local residents, 10,000 people were deprived of their homes. Many towns were severely damaged by huge waves, and some just destroyed. However, after this tsunami, scientists have obtained important information regarding the nature of the destructive waves, which then could help prevent many deaths in such disasters.

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