The world’s first cartoon

It is hard to imagine a child who never watched the cartoons. These fun and colorful films for children draw them to the screen. Even adults are not averse sometimes to return to childhood and watch a cartoon. Bright, colorful, musical, good. However, we are so accustomed to the prevalence of cartoons that very few people can name the first cartoon in the world. And when he came out?

The world's first cartoon

The world’s first cartoon

Experts on the history of cartoons still can’t decide, and to decide which animated film awarded the title of the first in the world. The laurels of the championship divide 3 paintings: two works by James Stuart Blekton that was released in 1906 and 1907 («Humorous phases of funny faces» and «the haunted Hotel») and the work of Emil Kohl’s «Phantasmagoria», released in 1908.

Shortly before the beginning of the 20th century, James Stewart Blekton and Thomas Edison created the animated film. It was the moving pictures captured on film. Thus it turned out that «Humorous phases of funny faces» combines cinema and graphics. The picture first appeared on the court viewers in 1906. A year later Blekton showed the world the second picture – «the haunted Hotel». However, both the cartoon was far from the modern understanding of the movie and showed more of the animated technique, which at that time was called «the American movement».

Scientists are inclined to believe that after all the first full movie can be considered the painting by Emil Kohl’s «Phantasmagoria» which was published in 1908. It was a full cartoon strip, drawn on paper and photographed in negative. The picture lasted exactly fifteen minutes. The team also noted an unusual effect, which is achieved by a combination of light lines on a dark background.


The first cartoon in Russian animation

The first Russian animator rightfully biologist Vladislav Starevich. He was working on a study of insect life and was going to make a film about how two male beetle stag fighting over a female. However, If we are faced with a problem: as soon as the bugs got under the light, suitable for filming, they became passive. Then a biologist-animator found the solution to the quotes preparirovannyh of beetles with wax, he attached a thin wire and took the whole scene frame by frame. So in Russia and the first film based on the animation. By the way, up to this point nobody in the world got the idea to do so.

A few years later, Vladislav starevich presented to the world a short film about beetles «a Beautiful Lucanid, or War barbels with stags». The whole world has long admired how you can train the beetles and create a movie.

Fine Lucanid

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