The world’s fastest fighter

Some of the high-speed air vehicles move considered to be aircraft capable of reaching speeds in excess of 1500 km/h. For military aircraft the speed is of particular importance as they have to perform more complex and dangerous tasks, which may affect the life of the pilot. Some planes are capable of reaching speeds over 2000 km/h, that is, more than 2 Mach.


There is a perception that the leadership in the area of speed, agility, and all around the world keep the American-made fighters, however, this information comes mainly from American sources, is not reliable.

The MiG-31. Speed of 3,000 km/h

It is known that the world’s fastest jet fighter the Soviet MiG. MiG-31 is specially designed in order to carry out the tasks of intercepting and destroying cruise missiles in all available aerodynamic aircraft range of altitudes and speeds of flight, including cruise missiles during a low-altitude flight regime of diffraction areas. Can also be intercepted low satellites, aircraft in stealth-mode and other all types of aircraft at different altitudes, regardless of time of day and weather conditions, despite the use of a potential enemy interference, radar type or false thermal purposes. At high altitude the MiG-31 top speed of 3000 km/h, or Mach 2.82. The total output reached 519 units of this type of technology.

The MiG-31

From a technical point of view, the MiG-31 is a high-wing aircraft with a trapezoidal wing. Stabilizer – all-moving tail – dvuhkilevoe. It also has two additional ventral keel, with the aim of increasing sustainability. When flying at supersonic speeds the aircraft can become extremely hot, therefore, the design of the fighter is made primarily of steel with heat-resistant properties, titanium alloys, of which half is stainless steel, 16% titanium and 33% aluminum and the remaining one percent is for other structural materials.

Takeoff fighter

Chassis tricycle from the aircraft, two tires on the nose strut, the main strut is designed for the type of two-wheeled carts, and racks their niches used as brake pads. A container with a braking parachute located in the rear fuselage, designed to reduce the mileage of a fighter during landing.

Radar Zaslon mounted on the MiG-31 can detect air targets at a distance of 200 km, the same range escorts for strategic bombers, and fighter – to 120 km.

The MiG-25

The first production fighters who have managed to reach speeds of 3000km/h, was the MiG-25. The aircraft is equally well suited to perform reconnaissance and fighter missions.

The MiG-25P was performed according to the standard scheme. The stabilizer in this fighter rotatable with a differential control, as is dvuhkilevoe vertical tail. The high-wing type. About 4/5 parts of the structure is steel, in addition 11% — aluminium alloys. titanium alloys and a small percentage of other materials.

The MiG-25

The body of a fighter — reinforced monocoque, made using welding. Trichlorsilane wing with flaps and ailerons mounted on the trailing edge. Aerodynamic ridges mounted on each console. Drahomanova chassis. Due to the large diameter wheels, this fighter can be used on unpaved airfields. The absolute world record for altitude, namely 37650 m, was installed in 1977, test pilot A. Fedotov, and in General, fighters of this type was established on 29 records. The fighters in this series has found its application in 1982, when the conflict between Syria and Israel, war between Iran and Iraq in 1980-88., also was used during the conflict in the Persian Gulf in 1991

Sighting equipment of the fighter-interceptor version of the MiG-25P

Reciprical RP-25 «Smerch-A» is part of the standard equipment of the MiG-25P. Horizontal viewing angle varies from +60 to -60′ vertical is 6′. In turn, the MiG-25pd and PDS is already installed radar «Sapphire-25» with which you can track up to six targets, indicators: +56′, -56′ horizontal 6′ vertical. Also provided the instrument is designed, sight K-10T, detection of irradiation of ground and air radar SRO-2M/sr30-2, type radio altimeter RV-UM or RV-4, «sky blue» which enables us to reach the goal automatically, or in the Director mode, and an automated control system SAU-155. To eject from the plane at any altitude at speeds from 130 to 1200 km/h with KM-1 ejection seats.

Just before 1985, it was produced 1186 MiG-25 different types and modifications. Planes of this series were delivered to 29 world records. Record for a military vessel – 2700 km/h or Mach 3.2. The MiG-25 is in service in many countries of the CIS and far abroad.

McDonnell Douglas F-15 «Eagle»

McDonnell Douglas F-15

All-weather tactical fighter of the American production is one of the three fastest aircraft in its class. McDonnellDouglas F-15 Eagle was commissioned in 1976. Until 2025 will be actively used by the United States army. This modification of the fighter was built by an American company specifically for air advantage. Maximum speed at maximum altitude – 2650 km/h, or Mach 2.5. In total, it produced about 1,500 machines. Actively operated by the armies of the United States, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Grumman F-14 «Tomcat»

The Grumman F-14

Another representative of American technology. Grumman F-14 Tomcat is one of the most high-speed aircraft in the world. Developed in the 70s of the XX century US company Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation. The us Navy stopped using it in 2006. At the moment is the army of Iran. Is the fighter-interceptor of the fourth generation, and is equipped with a system that allows you to track up to 24 targets, and capture and run through 6 of them simultaneously at different heights and distances. Produced 712 units. The cruising speed of a fighter is 2485 km/h, or Mach 2.34.



In fifth place is the legendary Soviet fighter su-27. In 1977, was designed as a versatile all-weather fourth generation fighter in the Sukhoi design Bureau. Specially designed for air superiority. The air force of the USSR posed in 1985 currently, this type of fighter is in service with the Russian air force and is the main fighter. Various modifications are in service with India, Ukraine and China, as well as a number of other countries. The speed limit of the flight – 2876,4 km/h, or Mach 2.35. A total of 809 units produced.

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