The weakest superhero

In the entire history of its existence, people have come up with a lot of superheroes who are using supernatural powers to save the planet from different kinds of disasters. They attributed the power that a simple man can only dream of. With the advent of the comic in which the story of the exploits of Superman is told in the illustrations, the number of defenders of peace and tranquility of citizens with various superpowers, has increased dramatically. Heroes with unique abilities have become so popular that even scientists come to study them. After research, they determined what the weakest superhero was invented by people.

Samy slabkiy superhero

Batman is a superhero without superpowers

Almost every one of invented superheroes possessed some extraordinary abilities, which allowed him to easily handle the most powerful enemies. Such a fantastic person had different gifts:

  • could move at very high speeds;
  • possessed extraordinary physical strength and endurance;
  • was extremely flexible;
  • had the ability to regenerate and even was immortal;
  • knew how to fly;
  • dressed in invulnerable creatures.

But there were some superheroes who possessed supernatural powers through the use of a specially designed costumes and various equipment. Such characters of fantasy stories true Batman, is recognized as the weakest superhero.


The Ability Of Batman

The creators of Batman has not given your character any superpowers. But Bruce Wayne is hardly an ordinary person. He possessed an extraordinary mind, making well versed in the art, to develop the necessary to fight the evil of the equipment. Batman had a great memory, which allowed him to study such a difficult science as chemistry, math and many others.

A lot of attention to Bruce Wayne paid his physical training. He was a master of martial arts, which together with complex equipment made him invincible. He was well versed in disguise, allowing could get close to the secretive and careful criminals. Batman also possessed the qualities of this detective. It is easy to unravel the most complex crimes and punish the villains.

the ability of Batman

Equipment and costume

In order to successfully combat the growing crime wave in Gotham, Batman had a whole Arsenal of different equipment, which subsequently became a cult. A real delight to fans of the superhero called the Batmobile and bettsikl. Also Bruce had at his disposal a variety of unique gadgets such as computer, telephone, scanner and more.

The Batmobile

Functionality differs, and superhero costume, which for many years of the existence of Batman was a little modified. Black mask covered the face of Bruce, allowing him to keep his identity unrecognizable. The cloak was given the ability to fly, turning into a kind of wings. But the most significant element of the Batman costume was the belt. He was always rescued by the superhero, when he had to get into a difficult situation. It was attached to different devices, never failed Bruce at the crucial moment.

Historical facts about weak superhero

The first comic, the main character of which was Batman, appeared on store shelves in the spring of 1939. It was believed that the superhero was created by writer bill finger and artist Bob Kane. But in 2015, the authorship was transferred only to bill finger.

The comic was about a boy named Bruce Wayne who had to face the terrible tragedy: parents were killed by a mugger. Since then, the young man wanted to fight injustice, eradicating crime. Possessing a huge fortune, grown-up and matured Bruce funded the invention and creation of special suit and many devices, allowing you to wield a variety of superpowers. He helps the Butler Alfred who shares the desire of the young owner.

modification Batman

At night Bruce wore a bat costume and fight crime, the mob in the fictional American city of Gotham under the cover of night. Billionaire owned many martial arts that helped him to cope with the strong opponents. He also was well versed in the technique that allowed him to create new items, which are used to combat criminals.

The Popularity Of Batman

Despite the fact that Batman is recognized as the weakest superhero, he is one of the most popular fictional characters. The comic book it is repeatedly portrayed, which also became the reason of its popularity. Created even theme parks dedicated to Bruce Wayne and his exploits. The name of a superhero named numerous attractions.

Park Batman

Psychologists say that the popularity of Batman due to a good combination of qualities this hero. He is rich, generous, stubbornly upholds justice, bold and extremely popular among women. Bruce was for many teenagers a real example to follow.

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