The warmest sea in the world

Our planet’s many seas and oceans with its microclimate and unique flora and fauna. Going on vacation, need to find out what is the warmest sea in the world, to rest brought only positive emotions.

The history of the red sea

Sea, which has the warmest water on our planet is Red. Its emergence was facilitated by the fracture that occurred millions of years ago. The Arabian plate broke away from Africa, the crack was filled with water from the ocean. They carry out the movement in our days. This helps to ensure that the coast is coming apart annually for 10 mm. In some places the sea is wide reaches 360 km. Depth in some places of 3 thousand meters.

the warmest sea in the world

Artificially created canal that connects the the warmest sea in the world with the Mediterranean sea in the South the Strait of Bab-El-Mandeb connects it with the Arabian. Eight countries located on its shores. African – Egypt, Sudan and Djibouti. Asian – Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Israel, Jordan. Near Eritrea ships is dangerous to swim, because you can see Somali pirates.

There are several versions that explain the name of the sea. Rock, located on the coast, have a reddish tint. Oveseas the desert sun, they become even brighter. Here grow the algae, which sometimes stained the sea red.

Red sea

In winter the water temperature is never less than 19 degrees. In the summer it happens, and 32. 18 when corals die, and that’s a real disaster. In the area where the end plate due to the influence of volcanic sea warms up to + 60 degrees. In the North it is much colder than the southern part.

Wildlife and the wonders of the red sea

In the sea flow into the river. Maybe that’s why the water is surprisingly clean. The red sea surrounded by two arid deserts, the air in these places is very dry. The water is incredibly warm, even at great depths, which contributes to the development of plants and fauna. There are amazingly beautiful fish. More of them will not find anywhere else. The sea is full of unique corals, so it was chosen by divers from all over the world.

The underwater world of the red sea

To the wonders of the red sea include amazing phenomenon of nature. At high tide the water rises several meters. Incredible surface suddenly gives way to Islands created by sand. Despite this, the legend tells that an old Testament prophet named Moses, was by sea, because it opened before the Holy, does not seem so incredible. The sea is still salty. In the place where it connects with the Indian ocean water don’t mix.

Divers in the Red Sea

The warmest sea in the world — the Mediterranean

People come here in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Makadi Bay, which is located in Egypt. Israel is the resort of Eilat. Attracts not only incredibly warm water and amazing underwater world. The danger to tourists are sharks, which are often seen from the shore.

Serazena sea

The Mediterranean sea to the heat of the water and salinity is second only to red. Millions of years ago it was part of the Tethys ocean. On its banks in different time were the most powerful civilization.

Surrounded by three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa. The Strait of Gibraltar separates it from the Atlantic ocean, the Bosphorus from the Black sea. Red connects the Suez canal. It pours a powerful African Nile. In a sea scattered with several Islands. Of these, the largest of Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, Cyprus. In this region gets a lot of tourists. Waters of the sea wash over 21 countries.

The Mediterranean sea in Spain

The Mediterranean sea is one of the largest on the planet. Its area is about 3 thousand square kilometers. The deepest place is located in the Ionian trench near the Greek Peloponnese (over 5 kilometers). In the Mediterranean there are 8 seas. Among them the Adriatic, Marmara, Mediterranean, Aegean. But the warm water characteristic of the Mediterranean. In southern Turkey it warmed up to 30, in the coldest time is never less than 8 degrees.

In the sea live dolphins, white-bellied seals. In the depths inhabited by over 500 species of fish, 70 of them are found only here. In countries that are on the coast, many tourist centers and resorts. In Turkey – Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Side. In Israel – Haifa, Tel Aviv. Spain – Barcelona, Valencia.

The beaches of the Mediterranean sea

Israeli miracle

Unique salty lake, whose waters bathe the shores of Palestine, Israel and Jordan called the Dead sea. This is the lowest place on our planet and the warmest sea in the world. In some places the depth reaches up to 377 metres. The sea has no runoff into the ocean, the water is salty that it almost 9 times. Because of this, it is impossible to drown, the water keeps the body on the surface, the bright sun is not strange to burn. Fish, animals not able to survive in the environment only live microorganisms.

Martwe sea

In length the lake is almost 70 km, width is about four times smaller. Your water brings the river Jordan. On the territory of the Dead sea is a health center. The water is healing, it contains many minerals, and in the air do not contain any substances or dust that can cause allergies.

Due to the fact that the lake is below the level of the ocean, from the sun gets less UV rays. Here high blood pressure. These factors have a positive effect on health. Another feature of sea is that it is created of natural asphalt in the form of small black pieces. During the excavations still find covered items.

stay at the dead sea

Along the Bank there is a road, located hundreds of meters lower than is the level of the ocean. The sea water warms up in summer to 32 degrees in winter to 19.

The black sea

The black sea the Greeks called impregnable, on its shores many rocks. In the winter there are frequent cold winds, the water temperature drops to almost zero degrees. And in the summer heat, the sea is well warmed up. During the hot months is 26 degrees.

The black sea


On the coast there are many countries. In Russia this is the warm sea. Resorts built, located in the subtropics, have a relatively well developed infrastructure. There is every possibility for treatment and rehabilitation of people. Deeper than 200 meters is not live neither fish nor animals. This is due to the fact that below these depths the water in excess is saturated with hydrogen sulphide, which kill all life. The warmest sea in the world – a great place for a summer vacation.

Black sea in Gelendzhik

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