The very first game in the world

Since Roman times the people demanded «bread and circuses». Entertainment and leisure has always been one of the main components of any civilization. The very first game in the world created for fans of the virtual space marked the beginning of a new era in the entertainment industry.

The very first game in the world

Today computer games a lot. New games go on sale almost every day. People that are addicted to virtual games are not experiencing difficulties in the selection of toys that can brighten up leisure. Computer games today will satisfy the most discerning connoisseur. But not always a market for such entertainment differed in such abundance. After all, early computers had little power games for them did not exist.

The beginning of the era of virtual entertainment

It happened a long time ago in 1962. The game was called Spacewar. She could work on the computer memory whose volume amounted to 9 kilobytes. Current gamers only smile, seeing such ridiculous numbers. By the way, modern computer machine is able to accelerate up to 2 billion. And the gadgets on the Android platform without any problems cope with the most new toys, there are even games with augmented reality.

Slot machine

The very first game in the world have left a lasting and vivid imprint on the history of computer games. By the way, this game was created before, the creators of Spacewar was not in the sense pioneers. Back in 1952. Douglas came up with the game, in fact is an analogy of conventional TIC-TAC-toe. In 1958 W. Higinbotham created the game under the romantic name of «Tennis for two». It was only ping-pong. But Spacewar was a slightly different purpose because it had to play on the computer, which is radically different from predecessors.

Game ping pong

Create a cosmic masterpiece

First computer game was a battle between two ships in space. She is the epitome of immensity of the universe, is cold, ruthless and bottomless as the abyss. The creators of the game were a group of programmers who work at the technological Institute in Massachusetts. To work on the game it took them two months. Leaders of the group were S. Russell and N. Gretz.

Fate brought them in tourist club at the University. Both were attracted to science fiction, and on this basis they became friends is not a joke. First they made a simple program, which after a month turned into a game with two missiles, shooting at each other. The goal was simple – I had to get the enemy off balance before he defeats you.

Space battle

The chances of winning players have an equal. Each of them has energy embodied in two types: passive and active. Passive energy is needed to maintain the protection function of the force field. Without active energy will not be able to carry out such affirmative action, like jumping, journey through space, fighting and camouflage.

Each player determines the style and rhythm of the game. He can count only on themselves, responsible for their actions and mistakes. Victory will make someone who will take great care and composure. Moment’s peace is sweet for the player, because in these rare moments of active energy is being reborn. But at the same time they are dangerous for him.

The display flashed a fragment of the starry sky, two player with the keyboard had to shoot at the enemy and to maneuver in zero gravity. Supplies of fuel and military kit were limited. In order to avoid a shot, it was necessary to turn around the star located at the center of the map, or decide to jump. The latest way to bypass enemy missiles was a function of hyperspace, but this method was very dangerous and unpredictable, so that the vehicle could explode when used.

Persha Gras about space

Feature of the game was that the first version of the background of the starry sky was imperfect. Did not like Samson, and he decided to write the program based on these star charts space. After the successful implementation of this innovation became seen at least 50 percent of the stars. The game was a real inspiration for many game creators. Some are just copies of the game, and others are distinguished from it by characteristics such as acceleration, other levels of gravity, the presence of shields.

Computer the last century

The followers of the first developers

In 1971 he was created a similar game called Computer Space, but the popularity she got. Spacewar after a dozen years, earned the title of first commercial game. In the same 1971 in the building of the Stanford student Union there was a vending machine with another type of Spacewar – Galaxy Game. This game was a success for six years. The Creator of the machine. Pitts was quickly back 60 thousand dollars invested into the project.

First computer game slot machine

The creators of Spacewar not received from their offspring a large financial gain. They have achieved only a small remuneration, giving advice in the courts 70 years, in matters relating to the gaming industry. And, of course, they have improved their skills as programmers. All who in any way participated in the creation of Spacewar, is still associated with computers, and the name will remain for centuries. The very first game in the world opened the way to many talented programmers and developers who continue with American business and delight contemporary gamers with novelties and surprises the computer gaming industry.

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