The three strongest people in the history of Russia

Since time immemorial, there was a cult of physical strength and superiority, it is said: «Russian so strong!».

1. Evpatiy Kolovrat – the strongest Governor

Evpatiy Kolovrat – the strongest Governor

Evpatiy Kolovrat – historical figure, although is known more epics. Born he in Shilovsky area in the village of Frolovo. If to believe legends and stories about Evpatoria, he heard about the invasion of the Mongols in the Ryazan Principality, gathered his forces and rushed to help. But found the city yevpaty already in the destruction: the lords had been killed, and the people split or sunk. Caught yevpaty Mongols only in Suzdal, where his wife was interrupted by a rearguard.

Batu, intending to kill Evpatii, sent him his best warrior Hotorola. But in a fight with him, Kolovrat won, severing the Tatar-Mongol saddle. And won yevpaty Tatars, even though they are numerically far superior to the little wife, until he came to the head of the Tatars thought to use in combat kamnevidnye siege weapons. And fell Kolovrat, causing the respect of Batu. He gave the body of the great magistrates his surviving comrades and ordered to release them to the world. Unprecedented case in Ancient Rus.

2. Peter – strong Emperor

Peter – strong Emperor

Peter was an extraordinary personality. From other Russian autocrats, it featured a large increase (2.4 meters), an unusual love for the work of his hands: fourteen crafts was known to him, including shipbuilding, where he was recognized as the best not only Russia but also Europe. The Emperor was impressed with their boundless energy. He could twist his fingers the coins to roll a cast iron skillet.

One day, returning Home from the Grand Embassy, Peter decided to buy a horse (Lysette) and then reforge it. Checked the horseshoes on the strength of it is very original way: if you are able to twist a horseshoe, so it’s unusable, you can not, then, horseshoe durable. Koval had to redo the horseshoe more than once. When the strength of the horseshoe gave the king, the king awarded Koval a copper penny. Smith was a tough guy. Following the example of the Emperor, he bent the fiver fingers, saying that the strength of the coin leaves much to be desired. So the blacksmith was able to buy a gold coin, what of the people immediately made up a story.

3. Gregory Rusakov – a strong wrestler

Gregory Rusakov – a strong wrestler

At the turn of XIX-XX centuries Russia was extremely generous of athletes. One of the most strong is Gregory Rusakov, who was born in a peasant family in the late nineteenth century. In 20 years he has acted as a fighter in the Ukraine, where he worked as a miner. Quickly received the title of local champion soon was called to work in the Moscow circus, where he became a fighter professional. Hares differed rise two meters and weighing one hundred fifty pounds. Having conquered the audience of the capital, the hares began to travel to Russia, and then around the world. In 1913, he won the world championship in Argentina, and two years later in France.

Rusakov, as many wrestlers of the time, Nicholas II personally was released from military duty. But after the revolution career of the wrestler ended. Data on it various: someone said that he led a quiet life in Kursk province, others argue that Rusakov competed with other wrestlers in Murmansk, thus earning a living.

It is precisely known that Gregory had three times in jail. Once he has earned the term is meaningless: Grigory worked at the mill, raising his sacks of grain. Grain woke up, what Rusakova and was given three years. Served two years as petitioned for it Ivan Poddubny. Gregory Rusakov has earned the fame that was struggling with the bears, bent horseshoes and rails, and in England has been in a fight with a bull and won. Ended his life ignominiously Gregory: after falling from the truck he was paralyzed, and a year later he died.

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