The thickest tree in the world

We are all so used to and surrounded by trees, passing by, did not pay them absolutely no attention. But our planet is rich in very unusual instances, the form of which is not only surprising, but makes you stop in amazement.

Take, for example, the town of Santa Maria del Tule. The locals (Mexicans) brings no joy here grows the thickest tree. However, some earn on tourists wishing to see this wonder of nature.

The Tule Tree

The thickest tree of all existing today recognized as the Tule tree. The trunk of this cypress representative of the diameter is 14 meters and a circumference of 42 meters. Seeing him for the first time, the impression that it is a few different trees that fused together. However, the results of DNA tests have proven that this is the trunk of the same tree.

To fully embrace this giant will be possible only if 30 people take up arms. In the shade of the tree can give shelter to up to 500 people. The Tule tree reaches a height of 40 meters, and it weighs 636 tons.

Tree mind Taksodium

As mentioned earlier, initially it was thought that this not one but several trees. Despite the fact that the tests denied this fact, the hypothesis of the trunks of different trees is completely eliminated. The exact age of the Tula to install and failed. Presumably the age of the fat tree from 1433 to 1600 years, although there are other versions.

According to the legend of the Zapotec, then the tree should now be 1400 years. It was planted by a priest of the Aztec God of wind Ehecatl. Scientists came to the conclusion that the age of the tree coincides approximately with the data of native American beliefs. However, in some cases, its age was estimated at 3000 and 6000 years.

Amazing Tule tree

Mexicans don’t cause labor to take care of a famous tree: watering it, cutting the branches. They even celebrate the feast of the tree, this happens every year in October. A specific date is not: the celebration falls on the second Monday of the month.

Since 2001 the thickest tree is considered a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Growths on wood Tula

Interesting is the fact that the growths of the bark on the trunk resemble the shapes of animals. So Tula has got another name — «Tree of Life». If desired, the barrel can be seen elephant, lion, gorilla, anteater and even a crocodile.

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