The tallest tree

In the terrestrial flora trees occupy a special place, decorating the planet and enriching it with oxygen. Being the oldest inhabitants of the Earth, they can be small and tall, to impress you with its power and might, surprise a special beauty. A few years ago the tallest tree can be attributed to the eucalyptus trees, but today it is a giant Sequoia, otherwise called «Redwood tree» for the huge size and the branches resemble the tusks of a mammoth.


Sequoia is a representative of coniferous trees and grows in North America (primarily in California). Scientists have proven the existence of these trees are still in the Jurassic period – probably in those days, the dinosaurs are well rested in their shadow. These trees grow up to 100 meters, and sometimes even more. Have a thick 30-cm-thick bark, which can not be burning. If you touch your palm to the bark of a Redwood, that’s quite an unusual feeling of immersion in the tree.

To date, the tallest tree species «the giant Sequoia» was found in a national Park in California. Discovered it in 2006, researchers gave it the name «Hyperion». In height that Sequoia rose 115,8 meters, surpassing the height of the previous record holder by 1.1 meters (it is a giant Sequoia «Helios», the height of which is equal 114,7 metres). To imagine how high the Sequoia, just look at the 22-storey building – its height is 70 meters.

The tallest tree is the Redwood Hyperion

Age of giant is 800 years old. It should be noted that such trees live for a very long time – from 3000 to 4000 years. But one day was found and a copy of the sequoias, the life expectancy of which was 4830. It was determined by the annual rings of a sawn tree trunk.

«Hyperion» is not only high, but the thickest tree, as in diameter it is up to 11 meters. It’s amazing how big and thick the tree – it would easily fit a couple of dance floors or garages. And how in this tree wood, even hard to imagine!

Hyperion - the thickest Sequoia

Nowadays redwoods, there are only a few pieces, because the person tried to cut down these trees to use in construction. Therefore, they can be seen today only in the protected Park. In one of them (Park, Sequoia, CA) and grows higher the tree, «Hyperion». The area, where there are «mammoth trees», has a mountainous terrain. So grow redwoods high above the sea level. As a rule, researchers are not disclosed, where are found the trees that affect its size, due to the large number of tourists not to disturb the ecosystem the tree of life.

In the same national Park there are other large «mammoth trees» have different age. For example, the oldest at the moment there are about 3200 years old. And the most popular tree in the Park is considered to be «General Sherman», which has a height of 81 meters and about 32-meters in diameter at the base.

Sequoia General Sherman

It is possible that the title of absolute champion at the height of the «Hyperion» will move to another tree, which will discover environmentalists. At the moment, the researchers engaged in the search for such trees to represent them to the world.

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