The tallest tower in the world

The first TV tower was erected in Berlin in 1926. But when comparing this structure with modern TV towers, you can call it «small», because her height was 150 meters. Of course, the tower in our time have a much larger size. And the tallest tower in the world located in the capital of Japan and is called «Tokyo sky tree» («Tokyo Skytree»).

The tallest tower in the world Tokyo Skytree

For its size, the tower is listed in the Guinness Book of records

As the existing earlier Japanese TV tower in connection with the transition to a new level of digital broadcasting could not cope with its function (had insufficient altitude for transmission to the upper floors of skyscrapers), it was decided to build a new tower that will meet all the parameters.

In height, a new tower «grew up» at 634 meters. The height of the structure for the development of the project was not chosen by chance. If translated into Japanese all the digits of the number 634, it turns out Musashi – and this is the name of the historical region, which houses the modern capital of Japan.

Tokyo Skytree lit at night

It is worth noting that the tower is built for their size was at once noted in the Guinness Book of records as the tallest tower in the world. A new tower 94 meters higher than the Russian TV tower Ostankino, and at 24 meters higher than the Chinese tower in Guangzhou. However, if we consider all the tallest buildings on the planet, a new Japanese broadcasting tower occupies the second place, because it bypassed the Dubai tower Burj Khalifa, which is 828 meters.

Compare Tokyo Skytree with other towers of the world

How was Tokyo tower

To build a new TV tower in Tokyo began in 2008, and construction continued for approximately five years. The Japanese have shown unprecedented results in the construction of the tower, taking his for a week to ten meters. However, the construction had some «hitch», which was natural disasters and the reduction of funding of the project that slowed the progress of construction. As Japan is a country where a high risk of earthquakes, in the construction of the building was used special shock absorption system, which, according to experts, should withstand the forces of nature and endure the «shaking of the earth» in 7 points.

Tokyo tower was built in 5 years

Built the tallest tower in the world with the participation of 580000 people. But it took a little more than 800000000 dollars. Exterior lighting was designed by experts of the Panasonic company. As a color scheme was used in two topics. The illumination tower is created with led lamps, which have a design lifetime of 40,000 hours.

The Grand opening of the tower took place in may 2012. But until then given the opportunity to attend the building tour groups offer to visit the highest TV tower in the world benefited more than the 6,000,000 tourists.

The name for the people’s vote

The name of the tower was given to all residents jointly. To this end, in 2008 was launched the overall vote. Everyone can vote, using the Internet for name that seemed to be the best. For «Tokyo Skytree» was given thirty percent of the votes.

Not only digital broadcasting but also fun

Tokyo sky tree offers restaurants, cafes, Museum

In addition, the tower is used for digital broadcast television channels, and the navigation equipment of companies offering cellular services. However, the tower has a number of entertainment features, offering visitors to go to the planetarium, aquarium, postal Museum, restaurant, theater.

You can even climb to the viewing platform and look down upon the city through the floor, created specifically for the thrills of high-strength glass. The feeling, perhaps, are simply indescribable! Such areas in the tower only two.

The observation deck of the Tokyo sky tree tower

One of them is located on three floors (the height from 340 to 350 meters). To get here you need to spend just one minute and helps a trip on the high-speed Elevator. You can also visit a café, a restaurant and purchase a gift to family or friends in the gift shop. On the second observation deck of the tower picks up another Elevator. The site is located at a height of 445 meters.

On the basis of the Tokyo tower is located the shopping center

The base of the tower is the shopping and entertainment center of Tokyo Solamachi. So here you can ask for of shopping, as inside, there are more than three hundred different shops and boutiques. Everyone who came here will find entertainment for the soul, as well as get the most fun and beautiful experiences.

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