The tallest man in the world

In the world there live many people, whose height exceeds two meters. Basically, tall people – professional athletes, for instance, volleyball players or basketball players. What can you say about a giant that can’t stand up straight in the large, modern apartment?

The tallest man in the world consider Robert Wadlow. Just imagine yourself next to a man with a growth of 2.72 m and a weight of 222 kg. of Robert Wadlow is also called the «good giant». 22 Feb 1918 in Illinois in the Wadlow family had the first child. Eventually Robert got two brothers and two sisters with normal growth. Robert Wadlow is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the tallest man in the world. Unfortunately, the life of a giant was short-lived, moreover, it even overshadowed the pituitary tumor and acromegaly. In the day of his death his weight was close to the mark of 200 kg with height of 2.72 meters.

Robert Wadlow

The parents of the giant was of average height, their appearance was nothing special. Robert grew as a normal child, and at the age of four began to grow and by the age of eight his height 188 cm, up to ten years – 198 see Eighteen-year-old boy was distinguished from his peers its growth by this time he exceeded 2.5 meters. His foot at length reached almost half a meter. Thanks to its celebrity problems with buying shoes does not arise, because he made shoes for individual orders, and it is absolutely free.

Robert Wadlow

Robert, like all children, I studied in an ordinary school. After school, he decided to study further and enrolled at the University, however, in the same year, decided to get a job in pereezdnaya circus. Working in the circus, he visited every corner of America. Despite the huge size, the audience loved «gentle giant».

Good valeting

Unfortunately, like many tall people, Wadlow overcome various diseases. At one point, he needed the crutches, they were the cause of his death. In 1940 Robert was strongly rubbed with a crutch leg, got an infection, and after some time started sepsis. The efforts of doctors, unfortunately, were in vain — they failed to save the popular compatriot. 15 Jun Robert Wadlow died in his sleep.

His funeral was attended by about 40 million Americans. The coffin was carried by 12 people, because its weight was up to half a ton. Parents worried that the vandals stole the remains of a giant, so the grave was filled with concrete.

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