The tallest grass on earth

Our planet is rich in different plants, which can be the most beautiful, the most original and even the highest. For example, the high grass of the earth, the bamboo that grows in Eastern and southern Asia. Even for the right to be the tallest plant may fight the banana, which is also a grass, not a tree. What are the particularities of these herbs?

The size and characteristics of bamboo

The tallest grass on earth bamboo

If you are wondering what is the tallest grass on earth, you can just look at the bamboo grove and compare the height of the bamboo with human growth. This plant, as a giant tree-like herb, can grow to a height of forty meters in diameter and usually up to eighty centimeters. To reach the incredible height of the plant helps constant growth. And the locals claim that this process is accompanied by certain sounds – bamboo grove rustles and crackles. At the moment the plant is increased by one millimeter, and some varieties of bamboo can grow up to five millimeters per minute. In Japan, the bamboo is able to grow more than one meter per day, and in Vietnam, this plant grows during the day, even up to two meters.

Bambusowe guy

This feature of bamboo previously used for torture and executions – of the person who committed the crime, tied over planted seeds of bamboo and left. The plant quickly served up, just pierced right through a man, because it can even break through the barriers of concrete.

Look at the bamboo stalk and will find that it is very similar to the stem of grass – it has the same thickened nodes where leaves are attached and internodes. If separated from the stem, young leaf, we can see a tender and juicy parcel of the educational fabric that allows you to grow stems.

Stalks of bamboo

The value of bamboo for the Chinese

The extraordinary attractiveness and usefulness of this amazing plant valued by the Chinese. Of the three hundred growing in China kinds of the bamboo Tonkin. One of the most useful among all types of this plant, the Chinese recognize the hairy bamboo, so named because of the fine hairs that covered «involucre» shoots.

In ancient times, the Chinese have created Chronicles on bamboo leaves by vytsarapyvanija or burning characters. A book based on these letters made by stitching strips of ox sinews or ribbons of silk.

Such a dangerous bloom

Blooming bamboo

When blooming plants are quite beautiful and, in General, safe. But not for the bamboo groves. When flowering, the plant completes its life cycle, and go for it huge amount of resources and effort. The tallest grass in the world can bloom for several years (sometimes even up to five years). And after that bamboo facing imminent death. For it to be again expanded, it will take several years. In many countries, where grows this plant, flowering it is considered a bad sign – people feel or disease, or famine.

Extensive scope of application

Bamboo in the interior

No plant in the world is not used as widespread. Bamboo is used in food and as medicine. The Chinese use sprouts plants for food, including their crunchy structure. Locals even come to find the young and juicy shoots, pulling their way out of the ground shoots a small layer of soil to get the tasty treat. Medicine, infused with freshly cut bamboo, stands an excellent antipyretic and can be used to treat coughs, kidney diseases and asthma. In ancient times, people determined the beginning of spring for the first «overdam» who made their way from the ground – as soon as shoots burst was heard the distinctive sound that means spring is on the way.

Indoor bamboo

Widely used bamboo in construction. For example, from this plant make cables for bridges and towing vessels. These types of ropes are made from long stalks are very durable and sturdy. Looks great bamboo interior, made in a certain style. Many stores even offer to decorate your home potted bamboo, which has a small size. This is possible with careful cutting of the tops of the plants – after that it’s putting forth green leaves and it owners.

Too high plant – banana

Banana guy

This plant can grow up to one hundred fifty centimeters. Grow «giant» in Asia and America (in areas where the average daily temperature is + 23 degrees). Banana leaves can grow in length up to four meters. The trunk of the tree that is visible above ground, is not real – the real barrel to the eye is not visible because it is underground, representing a rhizome in the form of potatoes. This plant is at its nutritional value and breadth of use is matched only with the wheat.

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