The tallest Ferris wheel in the world

«Ferris wheel» is a great opportunity to explore the city from height of bird’s flight, without buying a plane ticket. It is clear that this attraction was and always will be popular, so the competition for the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, started in 1893, always lots of parties, and the record conquered peaks is increasing all the time.

The High Roller Ferris wheel in Las Vegas

Is the title of the tallest not so long ago it was opened to visitors on 31 March 2014, taking the palm from Singapore (165 meters). At the same time it can be about a thousand people and over the past year have visited more than 4 million, examining not only the city but also the surrounding valley.

The wheel is the wheel for the high-rollers in Las-Vegase

His height is 167 meters, 30 minutes lasts a full turn of the wheel and is fun to ride in the booth $ 25 (day) and $ 35 (at night). Inside the system of ventilation and air conditioning will give comfort in the heat, and music as a bonus accompanies the whole trip.

This type of wheel is called «observation» and how it differs from classical in that closed 28 spherical cabins (accommodating up to 40 people) located on the outside of the wheel. Such a model requires complex stabilization system, but gives a lot of advantages: excellent review and photos) that don’t fit any beam and floor, able to move about the cabin and its rotation around its axis. A night ride is even more beautiful than during the day: bright illumination with 2000 programmable LEDs turns it into a graceful crown, which crowns the city.

The wheel is the wheel for the high-rollers in Las-Vegase

Fear, excitement, sinking heart – all these emotions to experience the visitors of the capital of gambling is not a novelty. Therefore, the «Ferris wheel» the High Roller was created in order to once again remind tourists why they come here. And ride on the highest Ferris wheel in the world need as quickly as possible until he wins the title – he’s breathing down my neck» new York attraction (the height 190 meters, opening in 2016).

The wheel is the wheel for the high-rollers in Las-Vegase

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