The tallest building in St. Petersburg

The Northern capital of Russia is steadily growing in height and boasts of several skyscrapers. In various parts of the metropolis appear structures that rise from the ground to hundreds of meters. From the upper floors of such houses can be seen the Imperial grandeur of the city centre which is closed for the construction of modern skyscrapers. For developers that want to build the tallest building in St. Petersburg, only open new areas of the city. The architects have made many efforts to high-rise buildings in harmony with the urban landscape and not compromise its beauty.

The tallest building in St. Petersburg

Lakhta center – the tallest skyscraper in Saint-Petersburg

In 2012 in St. Petersburg launched the construction of the modern skyscraper, which will be the tallest building not only in Russia but also in Europe. It is assumed that the construction of the gigantic structure will be completed in 2018. New building to rise above the earth at 462 meters. It will have 87 floors.

The tallest skyscraper North of the capital is public business center with the total area about 400 thousand sq. m. it is Planned that it will be posted the following functionality:

  • office space;
  • diagnostic and treatment center;
  • sports complex;
  • scientific-educational center;
  • restaurants and cafes;
  • exhibition halls;
  • planetarium.

Lakhta center

On the upper floors of a skyscraper it is planned to build a viewing platform, which will be equipped with modern telescopes. As suggested by the designers, it will be the highest observation deck, which opens to visitors the magnificent views. For the convenience of people under the new building will function a huge underground Parking.

Designers of high-rise building paid special attention to its security. Inside the structure there is a core of reinforced concrete, which are equipped with facilities for safety. They can more than 4 hours to resist fire, saving people’s lives.

The Leader Of The Tower

In the southern part of St. Petersburg in 2013 was completed construction of the tallest at the time of the building – the Leader of the tower. In people, the skyscraper Tower is also called «Constitution». It rises above the surface in at 145.5 m. the building has 42 floors, there are offices and business centers.

The Leader Of The Tower

The construction of the Leader of the tower started in early 2009 and after 3 months all work was stopped by order of Committee on town-planning. According to them, a skyscraper could fit into the landscape and spoil the view of the city. But this decision was annulled by the courts and the construction of the building for 9 months continued. 4 years after the start of work skyscraper was commissioned.

Residential complex «Prince Alexandre Nevsky»

On Prospekt Obukhovskoy Oborony will erect a skyscraper, which not only occupies the third position the tallest buildings of St. Petersburg, but is the highest in the city’s residential house. The building, with a height of 125 meters, 35 floors situated 1600 apartments of various sizes. The connection between the floors is provided by 17 high-speed elevators. For the convenience of the inhabitants of the house under a skyscraper built two-storey underground Parking. High-rise construction started in 2011. Construction work was carried out for 2 years, after which the complex was put into operation.

Residential complex

Peter and Paul Cathedral

The fourth tallest building in the Northern capital of Russia is St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. He was the leader for the height of other buildings in the city until 2012. For the construction of the Cathedral with height of 122.5 m took about 21 years. The construction completion dates from 1733. Today the Peter and Paul Cathedral is one of the main attractions of the metropolis and is protected by the state.

Peter and Paul Cathedral

Business center «Atlantic city»

The fifth position in the list of the tallest buildings of St. Petersburg goes to the business center Atantic city, built on the street Savushkina. The height of a skyscraper the equal of 110.1 m. the Building has 27 floors, which are centers of Commerce and entertainment, office space and a sports complex. Despite the impressive size of the building, its construction lasted about a year. The Foundation of the skyscraper was covered in 2008, and in 2009, the opening of a modern business center.

Business center

The giant high-rise on the Avenue

The height of houses built in 2003 in the giant prospect is 108 m, so this skyscraper gets sixth position in the ranking of the tallest buildings of St. Petersburg. A notable feature of this house is that it is located on the 60th parallel. 24 floors are residential and commercial premises.

The giant high-rise on the Avenue

LCD «London Park»

Two buildings-twins built on the Avenue of the Enlightenment, goes seventh in the list of St. Petersburg skyscrapers. Height of constructions is of 105.8 meters. The two buildings are 31 floors, which are residential areas of various size.

RK London Park

Houses on the commandant’s prospectus

In the Northern capital of Russia a lot of houses, which occupy a leading place in the list of the tallest buildings in the city. No exception two buildings on Komendantsky Prospekt, which reaches a height of 105 m. Skyscrapers 25 floors each, the area of which is occupied by residential apartments.

Houses on the commandant's prospectus

Tower RTC

In 1973, at the Coach Avenue has started construction of the tower, which was planned to be used as a laboratory for the development and testing of new space equipment and cybertegic. Construction was delayed for 12 years, and only in 1985 in the hollow tower and began the test. The height of the building equal 104,6 m.


St. Isaac’s Cathedral

The final position in the top ten tallest buildings of St. Petersburg goes to St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The building rises above the earth at 101,5 m. the Construction of the temple, which was launched in 1818, was held under strict supervision of the Emperor Nicholas I. because of the complexity of the project construction was delayed almost 40 years. Only in 1858 the Church was solemnly consecrated and opened for visitors.

St. Isaac's Cathedral

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