The tallest building in Moscow

Metropolises are constantly growing, and once the limits are reached, growth begins not in breadth, and upwards. There are more skyscrapers, as if to scratch the sky. And you know what the tallest buildings in Moscow flaunt at the moment?

The complex «EYE»

The complex

The South tower of the complex «EYE» has 85 floors! Developer offers apartments with repairs completed, as well as with design. The last floors of the tower are penthouses. According to the capital’s property portal, the cost per square meter is about 800 thousand rubles. At such a high price was affected by the widespread increase in the cost of housing. Could not touch and luxury real estate. At the moment it is the tallest building in Moscow, it has a height of 352 meters. But there are buildings in the construction phase that will soon «surpass» in the growth of this giant.

The Federation Tower

The Federation Tower

It is the tallest building in Russia, which, however, is still under construction. It is located on the 13th station of the Moscow International business center. According to the plan, its height will be about 506 meters including the spire. The magnificent structure will consist of a complex of high-rise buildings: one of them was towering, it’s «West» with a height of 242 meters, the second part, «East» will consist of 93 floors, and promised a height of 360 meters. If we add the spire will be so frightened by the height of the building.

The Federation Tower

On the project of the Tower of the Federation have been working hard Sergei Tchoban and Peter Schweger. According to their plans the building will house office space and hotel rooms. Closed bridges between skyscrapers «restaurant area», even now, despite the ongoing construction on the 62 floor of the «West» is glad to host visitors restaurant Sixty.

According to the developer, skyscrapers are built from the durable concrete of grade 90. That is why even the attack aircraft they are not afraid.

The Federation Tower

The construction work has not prevented the building to take guests on guided walks. And the rumor about the Federation Tower is for the whole world among fans of extreme sports, it has long been popular with climbers and base jumpers. Here expanse for filming different shows, movies and commercials. Now I understand why the TV channel «discovery» shone a light Tower the whole film. By the way, here you can see the highest in the world electronic watch.

The Federation Tower

Has not escaped the Federation Tower the fire baptism. In 2012 on the East building started a fire, to extinguish that firefighters had nearly four hours. To stop the fire involved more than twenty fire crews and four helicopters. But even such a significant intervention was unable to immediately stop the fire. The upper floor has been completely in thrall to the fire element, the fire died down, sometimes to erupt again. This enchanting spectacle could be seen even several kilometers away from the Tower Federation. According to official data, no casualties.

Skyscraper «C» will be the highest in the complex. It plans to build between East and West skyscrapers. At the top of the spire, which will «deliver» high-speed Elevator, you can admire the Western part of the capital with a specially equipped Playground.

«Mercury City Tower»

Not to mention the complex of skyscrapers, the main tower which rises above the town of almost 339 meters. Decided to build a unique business center for more than twenty years ago, before the realization of the idea germinated a dozen years. The grandiose construction began in the beginning of the century, and today locals and guests of the capital can see almost the entire complex. From others, too large structures is markedly different mercury city, not only its height, but bright orange. 75 floors of the building includes office, apartment, restaurants, cafes, fitness centers and trading floors. Underground Parking of the complex accommodates 437 cars. Well-marked contrast of the mercury city tower with other skyscrapers of the capital, if you look at it from the observation deck on the Sparrow hills.

Capital city

Capital city

Of already erected buildings in the capital, stands a complex consisting of two skyscrapers «the City of Capitals». Skyscraper «Moscow» has 75 floors and almost 302 meters and the tower, which symbolizes North of the capital, slightly less than 69 floors and about 257 meters. Between the skyscrapers are connected by a building of 18 floors.

Capital city

The construction of «City of Capitals» started in 2003, but almost immediately all work was suspended due to amendments to the design of the complex. Two years later, construction resumed and before 2009, the capital was very complex in all its glory. Tower «Moscow» is now considered the second tallest among the skyscrapers of Europe. On the basis of the complex is residential apartments, a multitude of business centers throughout the house. The building is equipped with panoramic Windows that allow profitable use of daylight.

We can not say that a few years ago the tower «Moscow» is recognized as one of the most aesthetic of skyscrapers on the planet. And in 2012, the complex «City of capitals» have become the most popular in Europe, ahead of this London the gherkin.

Well, we hope that this is not the last the tallest building in Moscow, how many floors will be in the next record, only time will tell. And while we can be proud of already existing giants of Moscow, famous all over Europe.

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