The tallest building in Europe

In large cities has always been the actual problem space. To make people’s lives more convenient, architects and engineers began to design and erect a building with a large number of floors. The tallest building in Europe accommodates offices, restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment, banks, Parking and even penthouses.

The tallest building in Europe

The East tower of the Federation complex, Moscow

Building height of 373 m, has 94 upper floors and 3 underground that serve 17 high-speed elevators. The architects of this skyscraper was made by Sergei Choban and Peter Schweger.


The complex features office space, residential premises of the highest class, the hotel complex of Hotel, shops, restaurants, outlets. At 89 floor is an observation deck for visitors and residents. This building is very like base jumpers.

South Tower, Moscow

Tower with a height of 352 m has 85 floors. This complex designed by U.S. company Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. This tower offers a variety of services for a comfortable everyday life: bars, fitness center and SPA, conference facilities for 800 people, a private cinema and an apartment with trim level SKY-premium.

South Tower

The building has a landscaped Park, with ramps on all levels and fluctuations, areas in front of entrance and escape stairs protected from icing by heating. But in the course of construction, and the crisis was amended and the replacement of many materials with domestic materials.

«Mercury City Tower», Moscow

The building height 338,8 m has 75 floors and 5 floors underground. Construction project total: American-Russian, and interior finishing takes Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat. In addition to other attractions there is office space class «A+» and luxury residential apartments.

Mercury city tower

This building is the winner of the nomination «the Best architecture of tall buildings» at the International Property Awards Europe 2013. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that in the lobby of the building is a video wall, it visually shows the complex visitors. The wall has an irregular configuration 93 display 43 inch diagonal on different walls of the building, which form a single image in the highest resolution possible 42h346h2304 pixels.

The Shard, UK

The tallest building in Europe is in London. A skyscraper built on the spot of Southwark Towers, 25 floors. It has 72 floors and reaches 309,6 m high. Designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. There are several levels: the lower level is occupied by offices, medium hotels and restaurants, the top – of the various galleries and museums.

The Shard, UK

At the top of a skyscraper be the observation deck under the open sky, where you can look at London in binoculars & telescopes. The building has a pyramid shape and it is decorated with thousands of glass panels, which Shine in the sun. Because of this it is called «splinter» (in English).

«Steel Summit» in Moscow

This multifunctional complex is also called «Eurasia», a height of 309 m and consists of 5 underground and 70 above-ground floors. Here excellent conditions for doing business, a spacious hall, has a separate outputs for zones: office, residential and retail. And also has 4 noiseless KONE Elevator and panoramic Elevator outside the building. The system of «Smart house» is responsible for the comfort and sustenance of the tower.

Inside the skyscraper has two modernist classics. The highlight of this project is a contemporary art gallery that works with world famous auction houses and galleries.

Tower «Moscow», the complex «City of Capitals», Moscow

301,6 reaches m in height and has 76 floors. This building belongs to the category of respectable, with the correct geometric design of the glazing and luxury interior design. There is everything for work and life: offices and presentation rooms, comfortable Parking area with alarm system, fitness clubs, restaurants, hospital, notary, hair salon and luxury apartments and penthouses.


Commerzbank Tower Frankfurt (Germany)

Skyscraper in downtown Frankfurt am main, reaches 300,1 m in height and was built in 1997 and is included in the rating «the highest building in Europe» (65 floors). The construction of the skyscraper made by Norman foster, English architect.

Commerzbank Tower Frankfurt (Germany)

Inside the building there are 9 themed gardens that have a specific flora and fauna. East side created in the form of a semi-desert, West of the mountains, and the South side of the tropical forests. On the asymmetrical roof of the building is an observation deck, designed for 40 people that are allowed there only by special permission and delivered on the fire Elevator.

Naberezhnaya tower in Moscow

It is the business center of class «A», has a height of 268.4 (59 floors), built by the architects of Vehbi Inan and OSCE, Ozturk. It is a cascade of three different height buildings, which have the form of hemispheres, creating a single beautiful composition.

Naberezhnaya tower in Moscow

The tower was built in the style of hi-tech, has panoramic Windows, and the facade of tinted glass, which protect from noise and enhance the level of energy efficiency. The highlight of the complex are the technical floors in towers «B» and «C», which do not have glazing on the outside of buildings. At first glance, it seems that they are building a fragile, but in fact, they strengthen them.

Sapphire of Istanbul in Turkey

In Turkey it is the highest skyscraper with a spire height of 261 metres, constructed of steel because of the frequent earthquakes in the city. Has 54 floors, the last is a viewing platform for the review of the capital of Turkey at 360 degrees.

Sapphire of Istanbul in Turkey

The sapphire is a residential house with luxury residences, swimming pools, Golf courses, Parking, shops and Skyride attraction. The highlight of this building is a high-speed Elevator, which travels at a speed of 17 km/h and has electronic scoreboard.

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