The tallest animal in the world

Even a preschooler can answer the question: «What is the tallest animal in the world?» Guess everyone knows a giraffe. And that’s how this unusual creation and how much of it interesting – we’ll try to tell you….

The height of this cloven-hoofed up to 6 meters, and the third part is the neck. Giraffe size as a good two-story house is the fourth-largest land animal after the elephant, Rhino and Hippo. Males can weigh more than a ton, females are slightly smaller. The giraffe lives in the savannas of Africa, and its color – brown spots on light skin, known to all as one of the national prints.

Its powerful neck that carries incredible load, contains only seven vertebrae (as in humans and all mammals) – but it is incredibly stretched.

And imagine how powerful must be his heart to raise the blood to such a height? So it’s the giraffe has a big (12 pounds) and with a capacity up to 60 liters per minute. His blood pressure is 200 mm (we have -120 mm). At the same time, to protect yourself from overload, blood giraffe two times thicker than in humans. And in Vienna at the neck have special valves that prevent the flow of blood and normalize blood pressure in the brain with a sharp tilt of the head.

Even the giraffe’s incredibly long tongue, up to 45 inches. He rips off the young leaves and shoots from the tops of trees, where there is not enough growth. Favorite food of cloven-hoofed animals – an umbrella acacia. Language of the giraffe can quickly gather leaves and avoid thorns. The day an adult animal eats up to 30 kg of green space.

Interestingly, even from afar, you can determine the sex of a giraffe during feeding males to reach as high as possible in trees, and females, on the contrary, down to the bottom. In General, eating a giraffe, like a ruminant animal, spends about 20 hours a day, taking his sleep from 20 minutes to several hours.

The dry conditions of the time giraffe for months without water, moisture content of plants. But, getting on the water the animal drinks at a time up to 40 liters. To drink, a giraffe you have to spread your legs as wide as possible and stoop low. In this position cloven-hoofed incredibly vulnerable, so he goes to work, just making sure that no one is around. They sleep lying down, maybe that’s why they need so little time for rest.

To a tall giraffe in addition are incredible hearing, keen eyesight and sense of smell. In moments of danger, he flees, while developing speed to 55 miles per hour – like a good running horse. It can even jump a six-foot barriers. But what avoids the tallest animal – is marshland. Thin legs of a giraffe, I prefer a hard surface, wading in mud and water often becomes an insurmountable obstacle for them.

There is a belief that giraffes are voiceless. This is a fallacy, just the range of sound is 20 Hz and imperceptible to the human ear.

Giraffes are solitary by nature (especially older males). They are very attached to each other and can exist by themselves or in a flock of up to 32 individuals, with a constantly changing composition. Interestingly, during the mating season, the males, figuring out the hierarchy, hit each other necks (like hammers), but never use the front hooves, as they do with predators, breaking their rib cage.

The female’s pregnancy lasts 15 months and gives birth to only one baby. First, what awaits him in this world – fall from a height of 2 meters on the ground, during which the umbilical cord is broken. Newborn (with a height of 1.8 meters) in three hours can run, but the herd takes him only a few weeks.

In captivity, the tallest animal in the world can live up to 35 years, and in the wild two times less — only survives 50% of the young. The main enemy of the giraffe in the savanna – lion, but will easily cope with it by fleeing or striking hooves (diameter of one to 23 cm). The man was stronger. People have long been killed for the sake of giraffe tendons (for bow string), skins (for sandals, shields) and brush of the tail (for decorations) than the greatly reduced population in Africa.

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