The tablets assembled in Russia: strike while the iron is hot.

All we hear constant threats to Russia from the West, saying that will strangle the sanctions, expect a trick. So, while Europe and the US splutter our way, the government in tandem with the original inventors (unfortunately, one might say) creates a new fantastic replicas in their address. In this case it will be about trying to ignore «enemy » producer» and to abandon the domestic market from the purchase of tablets from Apple and Samsung, replacing them with…

Our answer to the iPad

It’s hard to believe, but the production flat technology is already established. Brand, who was destined to become a symbol of the youth culture of our age, called bb-mobile Techno. Strangely enough, the title is written in Latin. Moreover, the first line of devices was launched on sale this spring. Tablets are so similar to their direct competitors (iPad, Galaxy Tab, they even wear the covers from his older brother. Do I have to tell you that the design and layout of the center button, and even (about, horror!) the connectors are absolutely identical on the location of competitors ‘ products!

But here we find the most interesting: while all of the above tablets bb-mobile Techno have a more powerful stuffing based on a Quad-core processor. Recall that the iPad mini has only 2 cores. Also, the tablet is built-in wireless modules Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS Navigator support mobile and download maps. There are two (!) the slots for SIM cards. Externally, the tablet is also not blundered: body-colored, and, to some extent, the type of coverage was in good faith lapped with a new iPhone 5S. So you can buy the device in gold, silver, or graphite options. Weak, Apple engineers didn’t think of that before?

How much?

Well, we reached the pleasant moment: of course, price. As you can see, even on the posters declare it openly. The metal enclosure can cost 4-5 thousand rubles, and with the stuffing, you say? Welcome to the domestic market: it seems that the iron curtain descends again. By the way, the metal not only looks beautiful, but also slightly hangs over the screen in case of a fall, protecting it from scratches and cracks.

The average value of do ranges from 4,000 to 7,000 for different models. We remind you that at the current rate for the iPad mini will have to unfasten to 17 000 UAH, and it is the cheapest model in the line of Apple. As noted by the deputies who supported domestic producers, the profits from the sale will go to Russian GDP, not the ocean. That too should please.

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