The survivor in the history of the world

People always wanted to live a long time, approaching eternity. Many made attempts to obtain immortality. Before trying to obtain the philosopher’s stone, the giver of eternal life, now sitting on a diet, follow the recommendations from around the world that promise to extend life. But there is no evidence of any one method, no one has managed to extend its life for years to come. Still, people who agreed with the death, exist. Let’s find out who are the most long-lived of the planet.

Li Ching-Yun

Li Ching-Yun

In 1933, in the most famous magazines published an article about the death of Li Ching-Yun, who turned 256. Perhaps it is the survivor in the history of the world. Over his long career, he changed more than twenty wives and became the father of eighty children.

It was alleged that the secret of longevity Li Ching-Yun was that he in any circumstances have tried to be calm and balanced. Survivor tried to adhere to a special diet, his diet was mostly rice and wine. Unfortunately, there is no reliable information about children’s and youthful years of longevity. It is known only that its Motherland – China, Sichuan province. There lived my whole life. At the age of ten years he was a precocious educated and managed to travel many beautiful places collected herbs. What he did on the survivor of the earth, is unknown.

Li Ching-Yun

Li Ching-Yun in his old age, looked surprisingly young, and no one could give him more than 60 years. It is a striking circumstance raises doubts about his true age. He claimed that came to light in 1736, ostensibly, he was 197 years old. But research Professor at the University of Minguo, Wu Chang-Shina proved that the real date of birth – 1677 year, and Chinese rulers had to congratulate the one hundred fiftieth anniversary and the bicentennial.

Jeanne Calment (1875 – 1997)

Jeanne Calment

This woman deserves the title of the oldest woman. She is not the survivor, among women it has no equal. Her age was 122 years 164 days. Her birthplace is the town of Arles, in France. During his long life, she was fortunate to witness many discoveries Jeanne saw the first car, the cinema in the beginning, stainless steel, TV, and the first planes.

This is not the only remarkable event in her life. At the age of thirteen Joan had to get acquainted with van Gogh, which she didn’t like.

Jeanne Calment

Jeanne calment had some natural protection from the unrest, it became the reason of such a long life. As her contemporaries said that Jeanne was an incredible sense of humor, which, she believed, was the secret of longevity.

Jeanne was very mobile and didn’t lead a very «rough» way of life, to its centenary, she twisted pedals and indulged in alcohol, cigarettes and did so before the end of his days. Kalman believed that humor, movement and good digestion help her to live so long.

Sarah Knauss (1880 -1999)

Sarah Knauss

The second long-liver among women that reached the age of 119 years 97 days. This spectacular lady did not live quite a bit before the new century, it was finished on 30 December 1999. By the way, Sara did not care that she is a champion of longevity, her response was always unequivocal: «so what?».

How to tell daughter Sara, she was always wonderfully calm, it seemed nothing could touch her. Who knows, maybe this is the secret of longevity, because, as you know, stress reduces the days of our lives.

Sarah had to witness seven wars and to bury her husband, with whom they were already 64 years together.

Lucy Hannah (1875 -1993)

Lucy Hannah

Lucy was awarded the title of oldest woman just because of the fact that he lived in the same period as the record holder Jeanne calment. But it is impossible not to note the woman who lived 117 years 248 days, by the way, among African Americans it is an absolute record.

Hannah lived in Alabama, USA. She gave birth to eight children, six of them she was buried. By the way, Lucy’s not the only long-liver in his family. Her own mother lived to 99 years, and two sisters – to one hundred years.

Mary Louise Mailer (1880 – 1998)

Mary Louise Mailer

Another representative of the beautiful half of humanity, who his death, ended his life at age 117 years 230 days, almost equaling the age of Lucy Hannah. Interesting fact: Mary lived in a nursing home with his son and daughter at that time was ten years to a hundred.

Born Maria Luisa in Quebec, Canada. During her life she managed twice to get married and have ten children. As did the very long-lived, their longevity it required hard work. Although her lifestyle not be called completely healthy. Maria could miss a glass of wine, and she smoked almost all his life, throwing for almost thirty years until his death.

Maria Capovilla (1889 — 2006)

Maria Capovilla

A resident of Ecuador Maria Capovilla, was born in 1889, it was then that the world presented the Eiffel tower. Despite the fact that in our list they are listed last, because he lived 116 years 347 days, Mary still had to become a record holder. It is considered the oldest not only among the South Americans, but the entire southern hemisphere. Maria died a month before his 177 years.

Maria was born in a military family and lived among the Ecuadorian elite. How to tell the witnesses of her life, Mary could boast of a mighty health, and her vitality could be the envy of any. Capovilla never smoked, even though they could afford sometimes alcohol.

At the age of 99 years, Maria appeared to be on his deathbed. But she managed to survive, and, despite the proximity of death, Maria continued to walk on his own, studied the press, interested in the news on TV, and indeed was famous for excellent health. She had five children, two of whom she buried. Left children were at the time of the death of Mary 78, 80 and 81.

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