The strongest signs of the zodiac

Every person living on our planet unique. But still some similarities there, and thanks to astrology, it is possible to divide people into types according to the character, preferences, desires and whims. Date of birth first affects human destiny and personality, that is why to learn more about the object of interest to us, we often watch his chart. Today we will tell you what zodiac sign is the strongest of all.

Air element


The signs belonging to the element of air, the most powerful is considered to be Aquarius. Despite the reverie, sometimes isolation from earth, Aquarians are best suited to troubles in life and know how not to despair in the most difficult situations. So the question is, which sign is the strongest among the air, not even discussed!

The water element


In this case, the opinions of «star» experts disagree: the weakest sign of the Zodiac, according to astrologers, is Pisces. Among them, more often phlegmatic, overly sensitive people, affected by emotions. According to another view, Fish is a strong sign of the zodiac. Because of their external vulnerability hides a rare immunity to illnesses and endurance. Representatives of this sign very special way to perceive the world, that you should consider in dealing with them. And the ability to keep the faith in yourself in any circumstances without a doubt gives the Fish strength of character.

The earth element


Among the representatives of this element for its determination, consistency and perseverance stands out Capricorn. But few people realize how easy it is to hurt and injure a goat. In fact, many believe and Calves the most powerful sign. But, actually, this is the weakest sign in the zodiac. It was the Bulls, faced with life’s difficulties, showing helplessness. But in other circumstances, the representatives of this sign are invincibility and resistance.

The element of fire


There is an opinion that in this element the most powerful is a lion. However, this is not the case, the Lions constantly need the support of other people, without which they just can’t reach anything. But Sagittarius, in contrast, is independent of the others, has a broad views, and humanity, they are difficult to provoke.

Who is stronger than energy?

I wonder what the strongest signs of the zodiac in terms of energy? Here is the leader of the Scorpio is endowed with the power of the spirit, energy, power and independent character. As many studies prove, the majority of celebrities have power, born under this sign. Scorpio favors the planet Pluto, she generously representatives of this sign of indomitable energy. As usual, the Scorpions despise any manifestation of weakness or simply that as to others, and to himself.


Thanks to his determination and ambition Scorpions deserve the title of most powerful energy of the sign. Any business for them, because they are completely devote yourself to him, not sparing their own forces and forces of others. Among the representatives of this sign can often be found workaholics who occupy high positions or honorary positions. These people can endure any hardship to achieve their highest goals. Sometimes they have to act a last effort, but even in this case, they do not give up, they just will not allow it to make internal responsibility and sense of duty.


Leadership is in their blood, it can feel, that is why they are so easy to lead a crowd. And the shutter speed at all, sometimes the most unusual circumstances can’t but cause respect. Scorpions simply are not able to lose the mind from problems, they tend not to panic and despair. This stability is evident not only in career but in love relationship. Because their energy is so strong, to drag people to this sign, like a magnet. Although Scorpions can arouse the opposite feelings – from love to hate. The only thing they will ever face, is indifference.

Each sign has its strengths and weaknesses. Despite the influence of the stars, each person can develop his personality and become stronger than him given by nature.

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