The strongest earthquake in the world

Every year our planet suffers various disasters that destroy entire cities and kill large numbers of people. One of these are earthquakes that are called «tremors» and associated with the displacement of the earth’s crust. Today can be called the most powerful earthquakes in the world, which just struck a destructive force and number of casualties.

China: the great earthquake (1556g.)

The great Chinese earthquake of 1956

Asian countries often affect the strongest natural elements. Here is the disaster of the mid-16th century, which occurred in the provinces of Shaanxi and Henan, were on such a large scale that previously was not known. This 9-point earthquake, accompanied by the formation of a 20-metre crack that killed 830000 people. The settlements, which were located in the disaster area were completely destroyed.

Kanto earthquake (Japan, 1923.)

Semitron Kanto, 1923

All the power of the 12-point tremors were felt by the Japanese South of Konto (here is Tokyo, Yokohama) in 1923. To the destructive forces of nature joined, and fires, which greatly worsened the situation. The flames rose up almost 60 meters was burning spilled gasoline. As a result, and due to the destroyed infrastructure, the rescuers were not able to effectively organize their work. As a result of the disaster killed around 170000 people.

Assam earthquake (India, 1950)

Assamese semitron, 1950

This earthquake occurred in the Indian Aces became the most powerful. Elements were assigned 9 points, but witnesses say the tremors were much stronger. This earthquake caused the death of 1,000 people and destructions. A few years earlier there was also an earthquake that struck his scales turned into ruins in the area 390000 km2, the number of deaths amounted to 1,500 people.

The earthquake in Chile(1960.)

The earthquake in Chile, 1960

Chilean Valdivia was almost destroyed by this earthquake, caused the deaths of 6,000 people and the loss of a roof over the head of about 2000000 people. A large part of the resident population suffered from caused by tremors and tsunami, the height of which is not less than 10 meters. According to various sources, the earthquake intensity was equal to 9.3 to 9.5 points.

Earthquake in Alaska (1964)

Semitron on Halasz, 1964

This earthquake was very destructive in its power. It was estimated at 9.2 points. The victims of the earthquake were 9 people, but the resulting tsunami led to the deaths of 190 people. The tsunami had enough destructive power, causing major damage in many communities from Canada to Japan.

The Tangshan earthquake (China, 1976.)

Earthquake in Tangshan, 1976

This is the second natural disaster in China, which is a terrible number of victims and great power of destruction. The center of the earthquake was in Tangshan (a city mnogomillionnoi). Tremors were 7.9-8.2 points. The disaster has led to enormous destruction, the number of victims amounted to 650,000. 780000 more were wounded.

The Armenian earthquake (1988.)

Armenian earthquake 1988

The power of this earthquake, which is completely in ruins and is located in the epicenter of the earthquake the town of Spitak was 10 points. There was much destruction and in the settlements nearby. The number of victims amounted to approximately 45,000 people.

Underwater tremors in the Indian ocean (2004)

The Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami, 2004

This underwater earthquake was the third among the strongest during the observation of similar disasters. Held underwater tremors in the Indian ocean had the power at 9.1-9.3 points. The epicenter was near the island of Sumatra. This earthquake caused a huge tsunami. The total number of victims of the disaster amounted to about 300,000 people.

The earthquake in China (2008).

Earthquake in China 2008

And again the terrible disaster had been the territory of China – this time an earthquake of 7.9 points occurred in Sichuan. Tremors were felt in Shanghai and Beijing. Died as a result of this natural disaster 70,000 people.

Earthquake in Japan (2011).

The earthquake in Japan, 2011

This 9-point earthquake was another natural disaster in Japan with a Grand destructive scale. The consequence of the tremors was the tsunami that damaged the nuclear plant, and it was the threat of radioactive contamination of the environment.

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