The strongest coffee in the world

This drink is considered to be one of the most popular in the world. What could be better than a Cup of strong aromatic coffee, improves mood and gives energy for the whole day. Some people appreciate the drink its taste, others choose the flavored varieties, but for the third, in the first place, the important fortress. The strongest coffee in the world is able to do wonders and energize even in the most intense and difficult days of our lives.

The strongest coffee in the world


The fortress in this class is directly dependent on geographical location. Robusta is grown in South America and Brazil is much softer than the variety of coffee that grows in the African and middle Eastern countries. In addition, fortress has a value of the degree of roasting. The stronger the roast, the stronger it turns out the drink.

Strong Robusta is grown in Uganda. For the first time this variety was discovered in the 19th century at the mouth of the Congo river. It was a wild plantation of coffee trees that were very tall and had a large yield.

Robusta Uganda

The caffeine content in Robusta almost two times higher than Arabica, but as a standalone drink, this variety is not very tasty. As a rule, it is added to the coffee mixture to give the drink fortress. Although there are some gourmets who drink Robusta only, not mixing it with other varieties.

Monsoon Malabar

Another very strong coffee native to India. This variety belongs to the species of Arabica, but thanks to a special fermentation, it contains twice as much caffeine. Its fermentation have an effect on the oceanic monsoon winds, so it is a rich and deep taste not be confused with other varieties of Arabica.

Musoni Malabar

Taste of Oriental spices, nutmeg and cocoa complemented by a slight citrus acidity. In order to artificially age the coffee beans them after collection is kept in the warehouses for 3-4 months and only then sent for export.

Cuban coffee Qubit

This variety is the most popular among Cubans, and grown in the Eastern part of the Alpine climate. By itself, this variety contains large amounts of caffeine, but due to the strong roasting only enhances their strength and flavor intensity. However, this maximum roasting are only those grains, which are sent for export.

Coffee Cuba

Mountain air of the Sierra Maestro, where this cultivar, give coffee bean a memorable flavor, and a special vacuum packaging to preserve the taste and strength for quite a long time. Sort of a Qubit in demand in all countries and is ideal for preparing refreshing espresso.

Sulawesi Toraja

The name of this kind of coffee has received from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, where the district, Thoraya are plantations, which broke even in the first Dutch settlers. This variety became so popular that it continued to grow and in our time. Its fragrance is imbued with notes of rich nectar and damp earth, which is characteristic only for Indonesian coffees.

Sulawesi, Thoraya

Thoraya of Sulawesi, belongs to artificially fermented varieties and has a large percentage of caffeine. Grains are only processed by the dry method, which allows to reveal a whole bunch of its aroma. Espresso based on this variety gives a very strong and malleable, an excellent option for the beginning of a new day.

Blue Mountain, Jamaica

This variety is not only the strongest coffee in the world, but also one of the most expensive. Plantations that grow coffee trees, located at an altitude of 1200 km above the sea level. Real blue mountain to buy quite difficult, as the main part of the harvest is exported to Japan.

Coffee Blue Mountain

Despite its strength, this variety has almost no bitterness. Blue mountain has an ancient wine aroma and rich taste. This variety of Jamaican coffee belongs to an elite and expensive varieties, so very often in our market, there are fakes.

Coffee blend

As the name of the most strong coffee, which consists of several varieties? In new York there is a cafe called «death wish». There visitors are offered a drink of the same name. This compound has a half times more caffeine than the strongest mono sorts of coffee.

What’s the secret to such an extreme strength drink is not known, the producers keep the composition a secret. The cost of this pleasure is big enough for packing weighing 450 grams. you will have to pay about $ 20.

Coffee death wish

However, to use such coffee is not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases, as it instantaneously increases the pressure. Even people who consider themselves completely healthy, do not drink this coffee more than once a day.

Coffee Ristretto

The birthplace of this very good coffee is Italy. The Italians are one of the biggest lovers of coffee drinks and they came up with the idea of creating this recipe. In order to enjoy a Cup of this drink, you just need to double the rate of the coffee powder and water to pour as for normal portions.

In Italy it’s not possible to spoil the taste of Ristretto with sugar, cream or milk. In fact, the drink consumed in one gulp, without departing from the bar. For those who like to savor the aroma and taste of coffee drinks, this variant is unlikely to appeal. Before drinking Ristretto, Italians take a SIP of cold water, which clears the taste buds, however, it is very harmful for tooth enamel.

Coffee ristretto

The strongest coffee in the world is quite possible to cook at your own kitchen, choosing the composition that would be best for you. But eating this refreshing drink, remember that daily dose of caffeine should not exceed 300 mg per day, otherwise you may have health problems.

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