The strongest boy in the world

Probably every parent dreams that his son became a real man – a healthy, strong and confident. Incredible results achieved by some parents who begin to engage in physical upbringing of their child, from a very young age. Let’s find out who is the strongest boy in the world, and it may surprise fans of healthy and active lifestyle.

The young athlete from Romania

The last record is the strongest boy set, tavris twenty times on one hand

In Romania, almost everyone has heard about a young athlete who in 2009 appeared on the pages of the famous Book of Records. Giuliano Stroe immediately visited world famous, as soon as this is the strongest boy in the world 5 years was on the hand a distance of ten meters, while his legs were all the time in the air. Important is the fact that between the legs muscular guy was a rubber ball, which do fitness. It was the first record of this beefy kid who gladly shows off their athletic ability.

Debuted the young athlete on the Italian TV channel. After that, the parents Giuliano posted a video to the Internet immediately, this video was viewed hundreds of thousands of people. The last record is the strongest boy set, tavris twenty times on one hand – he was parallel to the floor, and his legs were in the air. One has only to look at the photo of a young athlete, as soon as it can be noted that muscles Giuliano’s pretty ripped, and in this age the boy looks like a real adult athlete.

Training from the age of two

To train the muscles Giuliano Stroe began at the age of two

To exercise their muscles with a pumped up boy began, while still at the age of two. Training the boy was held in conjunction with his father. Trained and received the first results, the boy began to show the skills on the Italian TV channel in Romania, which has now become for the athlete home. Some fans of the young athlete and admire his father, but there are those who accuse father Giuliano operation infant son and earning on it money. But the boy’s father assured all fans of the son that he, being a professional gymnast who only instilled son a love of the sport. And for disgruntled Romanians says that Giuliano did not perenapravljaetsja, and prefers playing sports as much time as possible, and the rest of the time the boy spends like his peers – he plays and watches cartoons, draws.

Big brother is an example for the younger!

The strongest boy brother

And the younger brother Giuliano is trying not to lag behind in sports development, he also enjoys exercise and takes a cue from his older brother. Although the records until it has set, but to be strong and hardy he is trying by all means. The brothers Stroe helps a father who leaves for kids a lot of time to play and socialize with their friends.

Young Champions in the sport

Prize-winner of championship of Moscow on Wushu - Bruce Khlebnikov

There are still boys who set a record in sports achievements. So, Russian boy Bruce Khlebnikov in 2001 became the representative of the Record Books, doing Wushu. The history of sports development this boy is very interesting – his mother, being «in position», loved watching Bruce Lee movies. In fact in honor of this actor was named the young athlete, who at the age of seven and received a prize at the championship of Moscow on Wushu.

Ian Jinlong athlete, moves the car

Seven famous Chinese Jan Jinlong, which can move the machine and carry an adult human on his back. His parents were told that, since the very young age, Ian adored a lot and the muscles he was subjected to training using the lug sacks of grain.

Do not lag behind girls!

Varvara Akulova - the strongest girl in the world

Of course, if we are talking about athletes and powerlifters, in this region the most encountered male athletes. But there are girls that are incredibly strong. This can be called a Ukrainian barbarian Akulov, who also got into the Guinness Book of Records – it was called the strongest girl. At the age of four years, this girl was able to lift the weight 92 kg And then to the daughter’s success is my own father who started paying attention to sports education, girls still with two weeks of age.

Among the female athletes was famous for Maryana Naumova, which has won sixteen world records. And again in the physical education of girls has played a significant role her father. So, all the achievements of these children confirm that parents can do a lot to the development of sports career of the child. One has only to try – and here again the «sky sports» lights new «star» carrying the glorious world records.

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