The strongest beer in the world

Today beer is one of the popular alcoholic beverages. It is brewed from various ingredients, adding new, getting new tastes. Do you know what the strongest beer in the world? Reveal the Secret in this article.

A bit of history

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. Archaeologists believe that it appeared in the year 9500 BC. Then, when they began to grow crops. By the way, it is believed that they are raised primarily not for bread but for beer.

The remains of beer were found even in Iran. They belong to the 3500-3100 BC. Also found mention of this drink in the writings of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Even Xenophon described the beer when he wrote about the village in Ancient Armenia.

Different peoples have their own brewed this beer. For example, the Romans were very fond of beer, preferring wine more. However, in the Roman Chronicles mention that the Germanic and Celtic tribes brewed beer from Emmer, wheat, oats, barley, rye and millet. And ancient Chinese connoisseurs of foam it was prepared from the germinated sprouts of rice.

beer has been brewed in ancient China

In the middle ages began to brew beer in the European monasteries. Then there was a serious leap in brewing. In the process began to add hops. A little later, a French microbiologist Louis Pasteur found that colony yeast in the drink, gives it a more intense taste. Few years has witnessed a revolution in brewing, when a botanist from Denmark’s Emil Hansen brought pure strain of yeast.

Brewer’s yeast stop working, if the strength of the beverage exceeds 5%. Modern brewers for a stronger brew use hardy yeast particularly. Thanks to modern technology, handicraft and self-production of beer has gone virtually no. However, there are still connoisseurs who prefer to buy drinks small Breweries. As a rule, they use expensive equipment and the best quality ingredients. However, the price of their products is appropriate.

Classification of drink

As such, the classification of the drink does not exist. Drink are classified according to various criteria. For example, for the main ingredient. In Europe, recognize only the foam, which is based on barley. But there are Beers, where barley malt is replaced with corn, rice or other cereal varieties. By the way, there’s even beer on the basis of bananas, milk, herbs and potatoes! However, fans foam do not recognize such drinks and do not consider them among the beer.

Beer and varies in color. It just depends on the initial raw materials. Beer is a red, white, light, dark and mixed. A color depends on the amount of malt in the drink, as well as the degree of its roasted.

coloro beer

Method of fermentation – another classification of the drink. He is a horse and grass-roots. The difference in temperature of the fermentation of the drink.

One of the most popular classifications is a fortress. It depends on the percentage of ethyl alcohol in the beverage. Usually it is 3-3,5%. Stronger Beers can contain up to 8%.

The strong classic beer

For the first time in the Guinness book of records as the strongest beer got a drink, «fetter 33», produced in 1994. German beer, brewed according to the classic recipe, a little fortress of 10.5%.

Vetter 33

Immediately followed by Austrian brewers released a drink «Samiclaus» strength of 11.8%. By the way, this drink is still one of the most durable in Austria. Relatively recently his company made Czech «X-BEER 33» with the fortress just above 14%. These two types of drink are the most durable of all that are cooked on the classic recipe.


The strongest beer in the world

So, it’s time to find out what the drink is rewarded with the title of the strongest beer in the world. Until recently, it was the product of Scottish brewery – the drink called «Armageddon», the strength of which reached 65%. Throughout the world the invention of brewers John Mackenzie and Levisa Shandy tried no less than 60 thousand beer lovers. However, most were outraged because they do not expect that the strength of the drink will mask the taste of the beer. Some of this even doubted that the drink is so strong.

beer Armageddon

The brewers were surprised by this twist, because they, on the contrary, sought to preserve the taste of beer when it is high strength. However, a few months later, these same brewers went further and cooked the beer, a fortress no more, no less — of 67.5%. Even vodka and whisky did not contain such a percentage of alcohol in its composition.

A new drink called «snake venom». Despite the incredibly high strength of the drink and on the needs of beer lovers about the taste of alcohol, «snake venom» still retains the real taste of beer: a nice malty, hop taste.

the beer is snake venom

The creators of the drink on the bottles ‘ labels warn consumers that beer should be sipped like a whiskey. Willing to try such a strong drink, can purchase it via the Internet. The cost of a bottle is not less than $ 81.

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