The strongest acid in the world

The rapid development of science allows scientists to make new sensational discoveries in physics, chemistry and other areas. Systematically the scientific world is rocked by news of the creation of new substances with unique properties seen earlier. Of course, ordinary people do not always follow such discoveries. Not everyone knows that the strongest acid in the world was established in America in 2005. For many the most powerful of such chemical substance remains sulphuric acid, is well established in the school.

The strongest acid in the world

Carbonova acid is the strongest in the world

In 2005 scientists working at the University of California in the United States, managed to create a new acid of unprecedented force. Invented compound is a million times superior in strength, concentrated sulfuric acid. Scientists at the moment set out to find a new molecule that will be a real discovery in the scientific world, and they managed to achieve a positive result.

Carbonova acid

Formula carborane acid is straightforward: H(CHB11Cl11). But to synthesize this substance in a normal laboratory will not work. Carbonova acid exceeds the normal acidity of water in more than trilliard times.

A unique property of the strong acid

If anywhere mentioned about the strongest acid in the world, the human imagination draws a substance that dissolves everything in its path. Actually, the destructive properties is not the main indication of the strength of the chemical. For example, many believed that the most powerful is hydrofluoric acid, since it dissolves glass. But this is far from the truth. Hydrofluoric acid corrodes glass containers, but can be stored in containers made of polyethylene.

Carbonova acid

Recognized as the strongest in the world carbonova acid can be easily stored in glass containers. The fact that the chemical characteristic of a significant chemical stability. Like other similar compounds, carbonova acid, reacts with the reagents giving charged hydrogen atoms. After this reaction has a slight negative charge and not destructive of surrounding materials.

Further work with carborane acid

Of course, the creators carborane acids have become well known in the world scientific community. What’s more, brilliant scientists has been awarded many distinguished awards for his significant contribution to the development of science. The use of a new substance is not limited to scientific laboratories: carbonova acid is used in industry as a powerful catalyst.

Carbonova acid

A unique feature of the strongest in the world acid is its ability to interact with inert gases. Today there are plenty of studies whose aim is the possibility of reaction between xenon and carborane acid. Also, scientists are tirelessly working to study other properties of a powerful acid.

The most known strong acid

About carborane acid is well known to scientists. Ordinary people often think that the strongest is sulfuric acid. This is due to the frequent use of substances in industry. Often it is used producers of mineral fertilizers to obtain superphosphates and ammonium sulphate.

Sulfuric acid is widely used in metallurgical industry. It is also used to clean metals from oxidation. Not complete without the use of sulfuric acid, liquid fuels production. With its help carry out cleaning of the following products:

  • lubricating oils;
  • kerosene;
  • paraffin;
  • mineral fat.

Sulfuric acid

But not only industrial use causes many people to assume that sulfuric acid is the strongest in the world. This opinion was formed due to the fact that the substance entering the body, it chars. This property of sulphuric acid is often used when filming film Noir movies.

The strong organic acid

If we talk about the strongest acid of organic chemistry, the leadership here belongs to formic acid. The substance was so named because of its discovery in the secretions of ants. Formic acid has many uses. It is often used in medicine, since it has analgesic and stimulating properties. Formic acid is found in many ointments used to treat bruises, varicose varicose veins, edema. Medicines with this substance enables you to get rid of acne.

Murashima acid

Formic acid is widely used in the chemical industry. It is also used in agriculture and beekeeping. The substance is also used in food as an additive e236.

Despite its prevalence, formic acid can pose a serious threat. The contact with concentrated product with skin causes burns or severe pain. Even inhaling the vapors of formic acid may cause damage of the respiratory tract. But the positive property of the substance is that it is rapidly excreted, does not accumulate in it.

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