The strangest phobias

Phobia called some obsessive, often irrational fear of quite ordinary situations, objects, people or other living beings. According to the American psychological Association, a phobia is quite common, at 11 percent of the world’s population. Among the most strange and unusual phobias, we have selected the most common, but no less unusual fears. So, before you the list of the most common phobias on the planet.


Ablutophobia – fear to bathe, swim, wash or even brush. Especially often this phobia can be found in females or children. Many of them are so afraid to take a bath, which agree only in extreme situations. Ablutophobia difficult to determine in children, since most childhood loves to swim. Like other disorders this phobia depends on psychological trauma. But this fear is impeding the normal life, it must be noted that lack of hygiene can prevent to establish contacts with other people and can damage health.


Caligynephobia – fear of beautiful women, this kind of gynephobia where afraid of all women. If caligynephobia the horror in the heart of the sufferer, only the best beauties. This disease is very destructive, it all depends on her degree. Symptoms usually is rapid breathing, shortness of breath, aberrant heartbeat, nausea or vomiting, sweating, panic. This phobia is most susceptible men, but there are among kalogiratou boys and sometimes girls. If you have this phobia you can contact psychics on the website maybe they will help you.


The anglophobia – fear of England and all that goes with it. Yes, it happens sometimes that some people are not afraid of the phenomena, or living beings, but into the terror of the whole country. Anglophobia can plunge into the panic even English! Recently, scientists from the University of Glasgow found that the condition of anglophobe markedly improved in any contact with «scary» country.

The anglophobia

Spectrophobia – fear of ghosts and mirrors. People who suffer from this disease, panic at the thought of the haunted and mirror reflections. Of course, a phantom may frighten any layman, but spectrophoby consider them to be creatures of black magic, and only want to steal their soul and life. The reason for spectrophobia is, as in many other cases, mental trauma. Disease manifests itself in different ways: it can be as easy concerns, and overwhelming panic. This phobia is hard to ignore, as it prevents to live a full life.


Dendrophobia – fear of trees. Imagine how hard it is to live with the man who is experiencing the fear of trees? Although this phobia is quite common, people suffering from it, trying to keep quiet about it to avoid ridicule. Dendrophori, once in the forest, fall under the power of terror, they begin choking, breathing quickens, there is sweating, heart starts beating at a furious pace. In General, anything pleasant from going to the bosom of nature they do not feel.


Chorophobia – fear of dancing. The man begins to be afraid of any dance movements, usually accompanied by fear that it will be called dancing or, God forbid, the patient himself will start to move in rhythm. These fears give rise to psychological problems such as: shyness, inferiority complex and fear of the crowd. Homophob at the same time experiencing all those familiar symptoms: shortness of breath, erratic heart beat, nausea and panic attack. The sufferer or freezes, or runs away. Homophobia can be very serious if a person is forced to dance.


Homichlophobia – fear of fog. This phobia occurs when a seemingly innocuous and natural. Patients thus experience the real horror. Some even relocating to less likely to see fog. Homichlophobia differ infinitely well-developed imagination, in the mists they «see» different monsters, ghosts, monsters and zombies. This phobia is widespread in many countries of the world.


Cypridophobia – fear of prostitutes or venereal disease. This irrational phobia also. This disease for many years, the name came from Cyprus. By the way, this is not the only name of a phobia, it is often referred to as generatoriai, on behalf of the Roman goddess of love. People with this disorder are afraid of Contracting «indecent» disease. Manifestations of this phobia is serious enough, cypridophobia suffer panic, they have tremors, they quickly weaken and even faint. The advantage to these troubles is insomnia, depression, antisocial behavior. Cypridophobia often waive any and all sexual contacts, and trying to isolate themselves from persons of the opposite sex. This disorder is quite common across the planet.


Niktofobiya – fear of the dark. It seems that fear of the dark is inherent in everyone in varying degrees. But they are hardly the usual sense can be compared with the horror that is experiencing diktofon before dark. This disorder is found not only in children but also adults, often hide their fear. But it’s all rather offensive and leads to loss of capacity, and sometimes even hospitalization. Patients can’t control their fear, they see an incredible phenomena and terrifying events that await them in the dark. At the moment the nature of this phobia is not entirely clear, but we know that TV, «horror», and just loved in adolescence, the stories are»horror stories» contribute to the emergence of these disorders in children.


Niktofobiya manifested on an emotional and psychological level, and physical. The patient feels suffocation, heart pain, dizziness, he loses orientation and sense of reality, sweating and shaking.

Methyphobia – fear of alcohol. With this phobia a person experiences a wild and uncontrollable fear of alcohol. People who suffer from methyphobia, try to avoid alcohol in any form and not only use it themselves, but also afraid of any situations associated with alcohol. This also applies to people who drink alcohol, and shops that sells this product. For Matevosov it becomes impossible to visit any other much-loved, special events, be it weddings or birthdays, even corporate «banned». The cause of this disorder or otherwise has some sort of psychological trauma associated with alcohol. It happens when you drink the parents or relatives, and sometimes and personal memories create the basis for the development of methyphobia.


Symptoms of methyphobia there are various unpleasant things, among them, sweating, panic, thirst, numbness, dizziness, tremors throughout the body. Patients often beats a heart that they think they will die soon.

Somniphobia – fear of sleep. And completes our «the most bizarre phobias» is fairly common disorder. They suffer the man is afraid to sleep, because I am sure that can die in their sleep or can’t Wake up. There are somniphobia, I’m afraid to sleep because of nightmares. But it is not only a clinic, not rare patients who do not want to fall asleep, as fear of the «senseless loss of time spent in sleep. The reason for somniphobia can be transferred trauma, and genetics.


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