The strangest Guinness world records

The famous book of records filled with records in terms of the «long, strong, high, etc.», so some people are trying to log on to the pages of the book rather unusual actions. Putting the strangest Guinness world records, the inventors try to make yourself popular around the world and leave your mark in the history. And what is interesting is the record, the more likely it was invented to get in the record book of the famous book.

Surprised long Mohawk

The longest Mohawk in Japanese Kazuhiro Watanabe

The longest Mohawk in the world that can boast a Japanese hairdresser Kazuhiro Watanabe – the length of his hair is 113,28 inches. Above his image are three of the hairdresser, which cause neither the Bank Mohawk gel for styling hair and three bottles of varnish for fixing. Due to the fact that the Mohawk Watanabe, which he’s been growing for fifteen years, longer than the previous nominee for the longest such hairstyle, Japanese and appeared on the pages of the record books. As he confessed the champion, he dreamed about this for a long time and even tried to become a record for drinking Tabasco sauce, but then decided that he would have better luck with hair and no mistake.

Lifting heavy weight parts of the face

Great weight Champions raise the tongue and ears

To raise heavy weights by the hand is a classic of the genre. But to lift a lot of weight with the help of ear, nose, tongue – that comes to mind not for everyone, but anyone can find and even get into the famous book. For example, weight lifting 12.5 pounds, failed to make the British Thomas Blackthorne, which in this case has applied its language. Another resident in the UK «mastered» heaviness weighing 14 kilograms of one eye socket. And the weight in kilograms 80,78 managed to raise through ear Indian resident Rakesh Kumar.

Long ice baths

The longest in a bucket of ice sat the Dutchman WIM Hof

One of the strangest Guinness world records set the Dutchman WIM Hof, who sat in a container filled with ice cubes, 1 hour, 52 minutes and 42 seconds. Any normal person would say that this is pure madness, but Hofu probably wanted to get on the pages of the record books. Even in the ice for a very long time was able to sit for the Chinese Gene, Songhao, who spent 46 minutes 47 seconds.

A huge number of bees on the human body

A large number of bees swarmed Chinese beekeeper Gao Bingguo

Among the strangest Guinness world records you can mark the act of a Chinese beekeeper Gao Bingguo, who covered the 33 kilograms of bees, which in terms of the number of honey-toilers is 300,000 individuals. Before setting the record cleaned up the beekeeper that the bees bit less, but still, after this action, the Chinese said that was being stung by bees 2000 times.

The many naked participants of a roller coaster

102 British naked ride on a roller coaster

The people of the UK were officially set a record for number of naked people who simultaneously rode the rollercoaster. Most of these were 102 people. This is the weirdest Guinness world record was set not just for fun, and to help in the treatment of women with detected breast cancer. He did it – a record set by, and collected 22,000 pounds to help cancer patients.

Juggler saws

62 times preganglionic three saws Milan Roskopf

Set the weirdest Guinness world record and resident of Slovakia Milan Roskopf, which successfully planted three saws in a row and sixty-two times. Before his record was thirty five tosses tool.

The hundred meters on all fours

The hundred meters on all fours a Japanese man Kenichi ito ran for of 17.47 seconds

For of 17.47 seconds ran the hundred meters on all fours a Japanese man Kenichi ito. After setting the record, the Japanese reported that preparing for this for over a decade, studying technics of run monkeys. To prove to the world that he may become an absolute rekordsmenom, and not let someone else beat your record, ito is constantly training, with preparations a lot of time and effort.

Simultaneous torsion wrap great number of people

In Bangkok simultaneously twisted hoops 4183 person for seven minutes

At the stadium in Bangkok for seven minutes (2013). simultaneously twisted hoops 4183 person that became the official record, which was delivered with a light hand of the Ministry of health. But the goal of the event was to show local residents that it is very important to perform simple daily exercises including happily.

The longest fingernails

The longest fingernails Chris Walton

The owner of the longest fingernails recognized Chris Walton, who’s been growing her fingernails for over twenty years. For a huge length of her nails, she is listed in the Guinness book of records. It is impossible to imagine, but mother runs her household and says that the nails do not interfere. Although some complains that is not very convenient to take something out of his pocket and vacuuming, as the nails may confuse the wires.

Devitalize apples biceps

Linsey Lindberg presses biceps apples

Linsey Lindberg is the most powerful woman in the world. Today she has an alias Mama Lou, under which amuses the audience an unusual thing. It is very simple and easy to crush his biceps eight apples. Besides fun activities, Mama Lou can bend the pan, to hammer in nails with his fist, to inflate and burst the bottle. But still most of their effort she spends on it to crush the apples.

A lot of beautiful women in masks

In the Chinese city on the area of 1213 women for ten minutes wearing masks

In China on the area of Taibei (2013). gathered 1213 women who put on their face masks. It lasted all of ten minutes. What caused this outburst is unclear, but this strange record is also recorded in the Guinness book of records.

A quick trip on motorized toilet

Jolene van Vugh faster all drove on motorized toilet

Canadian jolene van Vugh faster all made the trip on motorized toilet that has a top speed of 75 km/h. It is undoubtedly a world record, which brought on the pages of the book.

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